Catch date:8/14/2015 6:54:00 PM

Story date:8/17/2015 12:10:00 PM

Location:Bethany Beach DE

Species:Shark, Sand

I have been slamming these sand sharks on the surf in south bethany beach de... They love chunk bunker! Especially fresh!! They seen to run a little bigger at night. This was one of the bigger ones. It damn neat pulled my rod in the water but i grabbed it right in time and the fight was on! I knew right away that it was a shark by the way it fought. They shake their heads and make runs for deeper water. Check out the teeth on this shark! Watch out tho... DNR are giving out big fines for improper handling... You are not allowed to take the shark out of the water for pictures so im technically breaking the rules here but the shark made it back in the water just fine! Great fun! Also got some kingfish,blues,and skates. ill post them next


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