Catch date:5/17/2015 5:46:00 AM

Story date:5/19/2015 10:57:00 PM

Location:Baltimore MD

Species:Bass, Largemouth

My birthday is this week and I don't usually expect much since I'm 32 years old and birthdays aren't a big deal for me. I guess my mom read my mind because she bought me a beautiful quantum escalade spinning reel. This reel is perfect. The action is extremely smooth and it feels like a dream. The drag settings are also cool because they are very fine. One click on the drag is like a half click on my other rods. I like that. Definitely worth the money if any of you are trying to upgrade your light spinning set up. For monofilament its rated for 6 pound 8 pound and 10 line. 70 bucks ouch. Thanks mom.
Anyway, I went to my favorite farm pond at 7 am this week and tried to through some new crank baits I had. The algae issue is improving but it still makes it difficult to throw crank baits as they get hung up in the slop. I switched to some dream shots rigged weed less with a eighth ounce slip sinker. The dream shots are a Kevin Vann damn thing. Strike king makes them. A lot of there soft plastics are way to big and crazy looking for fishing around here if you ask me. However the dream shots are right on for targeting bass in the Maryland area. Low profile shit. The banks seem to be the ticket right now in the later part of may. I got this guy right in front of a pile of wood on the edge of some algae. The algae and lily pads are tough but they definitely hold big fish. I need to learn more about mat punching.


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