Catch date: Not Specified

Story date:3/9/2016 9:20:00 PM

Location:Morgan Run MD

Species:Trout, Brown

Went to Morgan run with my ultra light to fish one of my favorite bends. It has a tiny stream flowing into it on the outside of the bend. Usually get a few fish there depending on the season. No action all through the bend.
I switched to a small soft plastic white grub tail 1 inch. 1 16 ounce jig head. Bouncing the lure along the bottom with little movement got this beautiful wild brown to strike. My reel was screaming as I ran downstream with him as he was in control of my little ultra light. He went for a log jam and I hesitantly tightened my drag one click, praying that he wouldn't break off. He tired out and came to the bank, only to take 4 more nice runs downstream testing the limit of my rod.
I forgot my net at home so I was extremely careful releasing and reviving this guy. So grateful to have so many great fisheries within an hour of me.


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