Catch date: Not Specified

Story date:5/1/2016 2:26:00 PM

Location:Little York Swamp PA

Species:Bass, Smallmouth

This is my first fish from the jessie ann 1648 mv alumacraft jon boat. We found a really nice cove that opened up into a steep drop off. It was very clear that day at lake redman, and i could see several dark shadoes crusing in about 4 feet of water. This one was guarding a nest on the gravely section of the cove.
I backed off about 30 feet as i was sure they had spotted me. I picked up a rod with a heavier jig with a grey grub tail and made several casts to the gravel area. I let the jig sit on the bottom for about 10 seconds and wham! she wacked it! Pulling drag and jumping like a true bronzeback. full of power and muscle.
After several minutes of playing the fish. I safely released her.


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