Catch date:5/7/2016 7:35:00 AM

Story date:6/13/2016 3:50:00 PM

Location:Odenton MD

Species:Bass, Largemouth

This picture is from may 8th of this year. I've been fishing liberty reservoir with the Jessie ann. Liberty is totally new to me and I had never fished there before this season. I have been very impressed with the lack of litter and trash. It gives me hope that some people still care enough about or world to pack it in and pack it out.
We fished beds and lay downs for most of the day, using soft plastic flukes. Many of the bass we could actually see, which was really fun. It messes with your head when you acually see the bass inhale your lure. Sometimes you end up pulling the lure away from the fish if you don't time it right.
This guy was caught on a green and white fluke weightless. Sort of weaving it in and along the deeper part of a huge tree in about 8 feet of water. Letting it sink was the key as he hit it on the fall.
Most of the bass are in post spawn now and are going deep. I will probably fish for crappie and stuff for the next few weeks. Then it's time to learn how to use my fish finder to target the bass in deep off shore structure. This season will be the first time I've ever had one. Can't wait to learn new tricks.
I have a hummingbird ds 7 GPS sonar with lake maps. No side view for now but that's okay. Any body who has a hummingbird that has some tips let me know.


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