Catch date:6/22/2015 10:03:00 AM

Story date:6/22/2015 11:26:00 PM

Location:Manasquan Inlet NJ

Species:Seabass, Black

One of those days report.

Launched the boat this morning and when I parked the truck, the brake pedal went to the floor. Checked it over and found a broken brake line, damn. Well, since the boat was fine and already in the water, decided to go fishing and work out the truck details for when I return.

Made a call to a friend, he's going to meet me at the ramp when I return. The plan is to hook my trailer to his truck, load my boat, and have him tow it home for me while I wait for the tow truck to tow my truck home. Easier to fix at home then at the marina.

Well, caught 1 short Seabass, 4 Dogfish, and 2 short Fluke. Pulled my crab pot that I set in the river on the way out, had 7 keeper Blueclaws and 2 baby Fluke about 6 inches long. The baby Fluke were quickly released along with the undersized crabs.

Pulled to the ramp, my buddy already had my trailer hooked up and backed down the ramp. I pulled on, he hooked it up, and damn, one roller broke on the trailer. Gotta fix that too now. Called Boat US and used my Trailer Assist coverage to have my truck towed home at no charge, its covered, well worth the extra $19 on my policy.

Boat is home and washed, truck is in the driveway, crabs are cooked. Tomorrow I'm a mechanic instead of a fisherman, I hope to get back out on Wednesday.

Fishin Dude

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I was born and raised in central NJ. My earliest fishing memories are catching Panfish with a cane pole, followed by Catfish with an old Zebco enclosed push button reel on a 3 ft pole using hotdogs as bait. Alot of time has passed since those days. I now travel to fishing locations by car, boat, or aircraft, instead of bycycle or a ride from my parents. I have met and swapped stories, tips, laughs, and tears with a variety of fishermen worldwide, from all walks of life, and made great friends too.
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