Catch date:5/22/2015 3:33:00 PM

Story date:5/22/2015 6:49:00 PM

Location:Baldwin MD

Species:Bass, Smallmouth

I had a chance to fish with my brother today at the state park across from his house. The park has a pond and the little gunpowder falls within its borders.

The pond was our first stop since it was on the way to the river. I didn't have high hopes since the pond is fished often. Additionally, it was mid-day which is not the best time to go looking for Bass.

We saw several nice large bass who graciously moved away from everything we through at them. We resorted to bobbers and fake works to land several Blue Gill to avoid the skunk.

Once at the river I started to think the pond was a better shot. I had forgotten that the "river" is really the "falls" and is about 20 feet across with an average depth of around 6 inches or so.

It was a long walk and we were here. so I figured we may as well make the best of it. We scouted out deep sections that should be holding fish. I started out with my lime green spinner and found a nice rock to cast way down stream.

Much to my surprise, I soon landed a nice 6 inch Blue Gill which looked massive in respect to the body of water I was fishing . It turned out to be a lot of fun steering my spinner around obstacles and watching fish come out from the sides to make the hit.

I also landed two tiny Smallmouth bass that where around 4 inches long, that's about 4 times the length of the spinner I was throwing. Wow, talk about your eyes being bigger than your stomach.


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