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Story date:11/14/2016 4:01:00 PM

Location:Long Island NY

Species:Bass, Striped

I have a rule of thumb that often works well when fishing "dark" nights, and "bright" nights. I use lighter colored plugs when it's dark (like new moon phases) out. See the last report with the light blue bottle in the fish mouth for an example of a dark night catch. When it's very bright out (like during the full moon phases) I'm primarily using the darkest color plugs I is best.

I'm not one to get crazy on the "color" of a plug. I pay more attention to the profile, shade, action, the plugs ability to handle the conditions, and what bait it best mimics. Most of my plugs are white, yellow, blue, and black/dark. I know many have different rules of thumbs for fishing the moon phases so I'd love to know what are some of yours? Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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