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Story date:12/16/2016 7:55:00 PM

Location:Long Island NY

Species:Bass, Striped

The 2016 Striped bass season turned out to be the season of personal best. I have never seen so many anglers get their best fish in one season as I did in 2016. I was fortunate enough to personal best three times. Though the forth fish I was focusing the most on was never landed in 2016. When the season started I was focused on breaking into the 20 lbs class of fish because in my 2015 season I just couldn’t get it done. My first fish landed for the 2016 season was a 25lbs ( towards the end of the season I discovered my Repala fish gripper was off by 3lbs VS a Boga 60) bass…first fish and it’s my personal best? I just knew this was going to be an epic season. I then set my sights on the 30 class of fish with the rest of my season.

I love to fish the Cape Cod Canal just as much as Montauk. I put my time in on the Canal, and this season it finally paid off. I caught a good amount of fish each trip but the one that is forever burned into my memories is when I caught a 41.5” bass that only weighed 22lbs…I was robbed of a sure 30 with this skinny and long fish. That catch split my personal best striper between two fish, and it didn’t make me feel good about it. I caught several stripers at the same weight a few times but I just couldn’t tip the scale into that 30lbs class. This will only push me further next season to get my first 30lbs striper.

The Bluefish seem to be a bit off for me this season. They seem to not show up in any of the spots I normally do well on them this season. However when I found them in Montauk I had them for long hours at a time making up for the many trips they were MIA. I was able to find my personal best weight this fall while hunting for bass. I caught a 38”, 14lbs gator last season in MTK, this fish was only 34” long but tipped the scale at 18-20lbs…I never seen a bluefish with a girth like this one. That was a nice way to finish the season after not catching too many of them. I can hardly wait until they start showing up again…Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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