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Story date:2/19/2017 4:33:00 PM

Location:Brooklyn NY

Species:Fishing Humor

This is a plug I have been trying to trade for a different plug for quite some time now without success. I am not a "plug flipper" however I can tolerate trading a plug for a plug. You might ask what a plug flipper is? It's a guy that will buy a plug with the soul purpose as to sell it for much more money. A flipper will not fish the plug just buy and sell...I can't comprehend the practice. I will buy a plug from a flipper if the price is right, but in most cases, they want more than what the builder sold it to them.

I can't help but wonder how this makes the builder feel about the practice of these flippers. If I were a plug builder, I would want my plugs to be FISHED! Not sold for a price higher than I set in the first place. That's why many plugs cost so much today. On the flipside, I know some fisherman that also flip plugs. I have a bit more respect for a fisherman that flip plugs to make some cash, but I still cringe at the practice. Because a guy like myself would want to fish custom plugs, but the flippers make it harder for us fisherman to get our hands on those beautiful works of art to cat a fish.

I wonder if this plug is meant for me to catch a fish of a lifetime on. I had been trying to trade it for a while now, and each opportunity keeps falling apart. That's going to make me use it more than the three times in the past year plus I had it now. Only time will tell.

Shaka Antoine

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