Catch date:11/30/2013 4:30:00 AM

Story date:3/22/2015 9:35:00 PM

Location:Brooklyn NY

Species:Bass, Striped

I had my chance to get out on Saturday 11/30/13. As expected I was the first one on the jetty at 4:45AM. I wanted to start casting at first light. To my fortune when I got to my home spot I found little to no wind, was blowing SE...perfect to fish the right side of the jetty. But it was COLD!!! The air temp was 28 degrees. I threw my white tail until the sun came up. At about 5:30 a guy came but he snuck behind Sea Gate walking the beach to the other side. Last time I was there a Spanish guy told me that's how and where his family fish for stripers at.

Then this Russian guy came and told me yesterday (Friday) afternoon was hot and that's why he came back today. He said he caught like three 20" schoolies on a 4" shad. So we fished together. The birds were working in the same spot my father and I saw them working when we were on the Brooklyn IV last week. The location was about 2 miles into the channel. Two boats stayed over them for two hours.

Back to me and the Russian. We fished together after the sun came up. He started mimicking me. I was throwing jigs all morning. He was faithful to his shad but when I cast on the left he would do the same three cast latter, I cast to the right he would cast to the right...I must've looked like I knew what I was doing. At about 9am he started getting hits. Then he lands a 20" fish then a second. At this point I said if he gets one more I'm casting my shad. After he landed number four I said let me give it a shot. At 9:30 I switched to my shad and did one of the slowest retrieval I ever done and BAM! Fish on!!! My first fish on my new surf set up and it felt good. Now I was faced with the decision leave or stay and try and get a few more. The Russian was on fish number 6 by this time. So I stayed until 10:30 but no more schoolies for me.

The end of the season and it was the best. I landed my first striped bass on the last boat (Brooklyn IV) trip of the season, and landed my first striped bass in the surf.

Shaka Antoine

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