Catch date:5/31/2014 8:38:00 PM

Story date:3/24/2015 1:45:00 AM

Location:Breezy Point NY


I finally got on the board with my first Blue fish for 2014. After going out every weekend since the blues have come back I can now say the dead has been done. My Dad took me to a spot that I had my eye on each time we went out on the party boats. We picked up the permit this year so he showed me all three spots for this location last Saturday after he caught a good size blue on a chunk.

I had the desire to throw lures at sun set for a while now and that night all things lined up to make it happen. I spent the whole day with the family and hit the beach by 8:15pm. I wanted to start with lures then change to bait after dark. I had a new hi lo rig I wanted to give a try for this trip. I put a bunker chunk on the bottom hook and clam on the top hook…something should bite I said.

I pulled up to the lot and it was FULL! I squeezed my CR-V between the fence and a nice Audi Q7. I can’t understand why people buy the 4x4 permit and don’t use it but anyway. I hiked out to the bay side to the spot where Dad hooked up on that blue last week but it was too crowded for what I had in mind. I went west about 200 feet and got settled in. Still close enough to the channel so I was happy.

I started out like I always do with a jig and snagged a 12’ Fluke (first time in the surf for me) I quickly got him back in the water after a photo. When night fell I put the Hi-Lo rig on and had a hit on the clam but it was not converted. I reburied the clam and set my experiment back out. I had a good hit on the bunker 10 minutes later that was converted to a beached 8lb, 30 inch long BLUE FISH! I put him in the bucket (I love baked Blue fish) and loaded up both hooks the same way and sent it back out. I barely got off the bar and tighten my line when I felt a hard hit, went to reel and my line was cut off. I hate losing a new rig or lure the first day I use it. I will be trying out my fish finder with a 50# mono leader to avoid cut offs next week. I put on a drift rig and put some bunker on it but the bite was done for me. I left at 1AM because I had no more water and the current was now going west. I’ll be back at it next Saturday with hopes the Bass will be in the area…Tight lines!

Shaka Antoine

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