Catch date:7/24/2014 3:34:00 PM

Story date:3/25/2015 12:49:00 AM

Location:West Fire Island NY

Species:Bass, Striped

I have not caught a Bass since 4/26/14 until today! That’s not to say I have not been out fishing. But I was doing just that almost every weekend from season start. The Bluefish have been keeping me busy but to most people they don’t count.

I’ve been on vacation for two weeks so I have had more than usual opportunity’s to get some serious fishing in. Today make the second time My Dad and I (today my youngest brother joined us) went out on a party boat, caught close to nothing then decided to hit the surf. On Monday did the same and caught a nice bluefish to fry. Today was different. I fished before we went on the boat and didn’t catch anything, only caught sea robins to taste for the first time (they are marinating in fish seasoning now and will fry them tomorrow. A buddy told me they taste just like chicken so I want to see if it’s true) and that’s it for the boat trip. The area that we went on the boat trip is not far from a place that is as Far East I can go without feeling like I’M going to Montauk. (Keep in mind I live in Brooklyn) So we went to hit the surf feeling like we should’ve done better on the boat.

I only come here once a year so I wanted to make the best of it. The condition looked rite to me. Tide was out, water was clear, surf was screaming, little to no wind. I quickly noted the deep beach lip and told my Dad that should hold some fish! I started with what I always like to an A47, Dad started with a new popper. We both cycled through what we came here to through. I then remembered that last time I caught a bass was on my (floating) SP Minnow. I have done the upgrades (VMC 2/0 hooks, and stronger split rings) so I was ready this time. Dad said I’m throwing this last lure then I’m calling it! That was just as I put the SP on. I said OK. I just had the feeling that things will get better. The conditions are too right for a bite not to pick up just after the sun sets. We had bait in front of us too! 2-3 casts later I’m hooked up!!! The fish felt like a lot of weight close to no thrashing so I knew it had to be a bass. This was a smart fish because I lost it in the undertow. After watching my errors my best fishing guide (Dad) told me what I did wrong. I horst it too much and walked back when it was close, then it went into undertow and it was off. I let out a Rorer of lions proportions…no way was I going home now!

I stayed in that same spot for about 30-45 minutes casting that SP Minnow. Next thing I knew I’m hooked up again. This one didn’t feel as heavy nor did it fight as much. I was too happy. It only measured to 23” but hey the skunk was finally over! I stayed until 9:30 PM praying I get my first keeper…The hunt continues for my first keeper. I wish I could go back for the first light bite but that beach is too far. I’ll be on the point that’s closer to home from 10-4 hoping bass are around. Tight lines!

Shaka Antoine

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