Catch date:8/30/2014 5:18:00 AM

Story date:3/26/2015 12:26:00 AM

Location:Long Island NY

Species:Bass, Striped

I headed over to the honey hole after all night prayer in church. I wanted to take advantage of the falling tide that lined up with sunrise. The stages of tide that seem to produce better fish here are high slack through low slack. I have found the “low tide only” spot.

When I arrived at 4:30AM the conditions were surprisingly calm. No wind, current was not moving at all despite the fact that the tide was about 2 hours outgoing by now. (High tide was 2:30AM) I felt this would limit what I should be presenting a bit but I decided to go with what worked so well for me last time I came…the buck tail, #70 modified rind!( read my last report) I went with the 1oz. first given the stage of tide. That didn't get touched so I went to my favorite Andrus 1.5oz. Rip splitter…nothing. So I put the new floating SP Minnow in a color I never seen on. I didn't get the chance to upgrade it. The tackle shop I got it from was out of the 40lbs split rings I like to use with my VMC 2/0 hooks. I felt like I was taking a chance trying to land bass without modifying it. But my thought was maybe I can hook those snappers/cocktails that killed my shad’s

I covered the hole 266 total feet of the doc with no hits. I put on an A27 with a glow in the dark tail to see if any fish would notice…nothing. It’s a good thing the sky was starting to show signs of the sun rising because I could count on the bass and blues to chase the peanuts across the surface as soon as the sun came over the tree line.
Now that I have the sun light to start the bite I went back to the 1.5oz…first cast I got a SHARP! Hit but no hookup. That meant only one thing…cocktails are biting the rind. I want to see if I can hook them with the A27 with a Charchuse tail. I launched in the direction where it’s 10 feet deep and retrieved it fast. Then just as it got close to me I was about to lift it out the water when I saw a huge slash all around the tail. I didn't even see the fish even though I was looking at it. This top water bite is ON!

My thought was to use something that looks like a fish that will not get ruined if a cocktail should attack. The SP fit the bill perfectly so on it went…I was able to land 5 cocktail blues but I felt a bit unsatisfied. I wanted to get hooked up on another keeper. With so many bunker pods now swirling out in the bay I figured bass should be in the area. I really was waiting on at least one of the 3-4 pods to come closer so I can snag one.

Its 8:30 now and I planned to be heading home by now when I saw some commotion on the surface 450 feet away in the direction where I caught my first keeper.I walked over to the rocks at a good pace to cast the SP from the shore. I was hooked up on the third cast. This was no cocktail so I changed the position of the rod from under my arm to my hip, and was able to land a 29.5” BASS! This bass hit the SP much harder than all the other fish. All the other’s felt like light taps. The original trebles held this fish good. The belly hook was completely in its mouth and the tail hook was in its bottom gill cover…this fish was hooked good and not going anywhere! I got right back out to see if I can land another but nothing more. I took a look out in the bay and notice the bunker heading my way. Judging by the size of the pod the bass must’ve rounded up all the smaller pods, and are on them. They got close enough that I saw adult size bunker jumping out the way. I didn't have my other rod that I had the weighted treble hook with me when I came over here (I left it on the doc) to check on the disturbance so the SP will have to do. I casted with enough force to reach the other side of the bay standing at the tip of the jetty without my Korkers (they were in the truck. I didn't plan on coming in this area so I left them. Next time they will be with me) to see if I can reach the pod…SNAP! There goes another SP Minnow…wind knots get the best of me with light lures. I ran to the doc and back for my 6’6’ Penn Mariner/Pursuit II 6000 outfit to cast my 9” double hooked bunker shad to no avail… It’s 9:15 time to go home now.

Capt. Harry’s Aunt came over because she knew I would be here fishing. We talked for a bit, and I asked her to take a few pictures and I packed up my gear. She asked if she can have a fish like always, and I was happy to give her a cocktail. After all she allows me to fish on her property so it’s the least I can do. Auntie told me she don't mind when I fish here because I'm quiet, and I catch fish. She told me to “knock on my door whenever you’re leaving to give me a fish”. I said sure! See you next week. Capt. Harry said September is when the big bass are hanging around so I'll be spending every weekend fishing this location…tight lines!

Shaka Antoine

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