Catch date:9/20/2014 1:58:00 AM

Story date:3/27/2015 12:33:00 AM

Location:Long Island NY

Species:Bass, Striped

Sorry about the bad photo. I didn't realize it was blurry until I C&R the fish

My Dad and I planned to fish one of his spot’s on Saturday that we haven't hit in a while this season. I like it there for a few reasons. The surf is always rough, I did pretty well on 4/26 when the high tide, sunrise are in the same hour plus it’s raining the bite is hot! The only condition that were missing is rain. When those three conditions lineup on a Saturday that’s where I'm fishing 4-9AM.

I arrived to the spot 25 minutes late because I got a quick bite to eat and was dumbfounded by what I saw…the place was a mass construction site. They had sand piled up higher than the boardwalk as far as I could see going west and east. My Dad was calling me just as I was about to call him to tell him the news. We decided to meet up at another spot my Dad and I frequently hit this year. Spot two was only 8 miles away so I was there in no time…This place always have rough surf as well so I knew the conditions would be the same, just a bit more west then I wanted to be. One other good thing is it’s known to see Albacore when they are running. (This makes my second attempt at trying to catch one with no luck. I hope next Saturday is not too late) so we had good chances at catching something.

I arrived first because Dad wanted to get bait. I’m not too fond of bait fishing so I got suited up…I chose to use my “powerhouse rod” (Shakespeare 10” tidewater, Penn Pursuit II 6000 spooled with 50 lbs Power prow) for today due to the big water.

My plan was to throw my floating, upgraded (Fin Strike #5/40lbs split rings with VMC 2/0 hooks. Has the best balance without losing any action) SP Minnow in the blue mackerel color (I've caught 98% of Bass with that color) while it’s dark. I was asked have I used the SP in the ocean at night. My answer was no. I only used it at dusk and dawn on the ocean so I wanted to throw that first to see if I can land a fish. I also wanted to practice throwing my Super Strike sinking popper, and little neck swimmer for the rough water. When the sun comes up I’ll be keeping an eye out for boiling water to throw my deadly dick, and a A17 with no tail to see if I can catch one of those Albacore that anglers are raving about…was a day late (a guy I asked along the path between the lot and the beach. He also said they were going crazy near the bridge in the bay yesterday. Only one guy hooked one but he lost it) on my trip out before this one SMH! A plan is a good thing to have…

I get to the beach and the same group of guys is in the spot I like to fish when I’m here. The last jetty to the west bracing myself on “My two rocks” I just about always get hooked up when I am standing on those two rocks. This guy is always there no matter what time I show up. Makes me wonder what time he gets there. The conditions were a bit expected. Surf was rough 4-6ft swells coming in almost erratically with a fast sweep going west. The wind was coming out of the South East hitting me on the left side of my face at 10-15MPH…not a good time to throw the SP until the wind dies down. I find I get less wind knots when I have less than 10MPH winds to deal with. The SP Minnow can cut through wind good but this was just a wrong time to try. I was able to see that there were some breakers two casts out that gave some nice white water that seem to just sit in one spot. Would be nice if I could reach that but not in these conditions. I went with what I felt would be best to present in this situation…the bottle! I have been trying to catch a fish with it all year. I had a good feeling that this would be the day. The conditions looked too fishable not to get hooked up. I went East two jetties next to where I wanted to be and took a bunch of cast…nothing. I decided that I would just keep moving to the next jetty taking 5-10 casts until I found the fish. I’d get set up in the middle of the jetty and the pilings to lead the current that was moving west at a good clip. I managed to land a 20” Bass at 6AM sharp!, and was hooked up on a second one but it spit the hooks 1,282 feet from where I had planned to fish. Sometimes a small move is all it takes. I quickly went back to the SP to see if I could cull one up again but nothing took notice of the change.

Dad was set up on the beach by now casting a jig. I ask him if anything touched his bait. He said nah just crabs. I started throwing jigs from A17 to A47 with no more hits…Than the birds started working heavy coming from the point out west. Dad put on a deadly dick with a soft green teaser, and I went with my A17 to see if I could reach the action…they were too far out for me. Dad had a hook up but it came off. The birds and bait went east and seem to stay there.

A guy showed up with a wide surfboard in one hand and a rod in the other. I said to him that looks interesting! I went east two jetties to see if I can land something. When I got back Dad said the guy on the board caught a bluefish right in front of him just past the breakers in that white water out there…go figure was my thought.

(video I made of the Surfer hooked up

By this time another pod of birds were working far west closer to the point. They seem to stay out that way so we continued to fish the waters in front of us. Before I knew it the angler on the surfboard came back and was now fishing the white water 100 feet to our east. I saw him get hooked up twice on a bucktail while I was throwing a 2 oz cast master. I asked Dad if he wanted to move 100 feet to his east to see if we can hook up he said nope…why not go fish the rocks those guys left.

I was happy to be back on those two rocks. They always make me feel like I'm in Montauk the way the big waves hit. I put a green tail A47 on and cast in the direction previous hit's have come from. I was only there for 10 minutes when I noticed the birds that were working in the East were now coming back my way. With the SW wind they should be blown up against the beach where Dad, two other anglers and I were waiting. I just keep casting in that direction just in case. They come within range. But they were about three casts away. That didn't stop all of us from trying. I saw that the wind and current was moving the action too fast to push them up onto the beach so I got back on my two rocks…Fish on! The fight felt like a bluefish. I was standing on the left side of the rock pile and the fish took off to my right when I got it close…not where I want this fish to be. I had to reel fast to keep the rod bent, fish really didn't take much drag at all so I didn't feel like it was a Albacore. The fish darted for the shore to my right. As I re positioned my rod to my right while reeling to get rid of the slack the fish came off at the rocks in the white water next to me…No hit’s after that. It’s 9AM and I have to punch in for Daddy duty. Dad and I packed up our gear while discussing where we will be fishing next week and the week after that. There is one area in the North shore on one of my permit’s that I have not been to yet that I'd like to fish so it’s on the agenda.

All in all this was a good trip. I finally caught a fish on the bottle and had another hooked up but lost it, chased some birds casting for a bite, and was hooked up again on my favorite two rocks. I wish I could have gone out same time Sunday but I only have a small window to fish. I am happy I can get out early every Saturday…until my next vacation in November…I'll focus more on the South fork by that time or spend time on the boat to reach any bass.

Tight lines!

Shaka Antoine

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