Catch date:10/4/2014 1:01:00 AM

Story date:3/27/2015 1:08:00 AM

Location:Long Island NY

Species:Bass, Striped

I had a burning urge to fish the WSS today despite what the forecast called for. I have invested in good foul weather gear (Stormr Typhoon jacket, Hodgeman waders) that I don’t mind putting to use. As long as it’s not lightening I will fish! I wanted company today so I contacted my Dad, and just about all my fishing buddy’s but none were available…fishing solo today was the way things worked out. Not deterred I pressed on.
I was expecting the conditions to be in the order of stay home! But I had planned to fish hear last weekend for the 7pm-2am shift. That never happened because my Dad and I went on a boat trip instead. We didn't catch anything. In fact only two fishing was caught for the whole boat (35lbs cow, and a 25lbs bass on live ells. This week I said I don’t care what’s going on I will be fishing this stretch of the WSS 4-9 AM no matter what.

The wind was RIPPING out of the SE at what felt like 25-30 to me, surf was as rough as can be with a sweep of pure white water hauling west, water temps were a bit cooler as expected but was unexpectedly clear of weeds…still fishable was the thought that convinced me I was still going to catch today. I had it in my mind that fish have to STILL be here. I arrived at 3:30am after I did my little girls laundry to find a light rain that just began as I pulled up, and an empty parking lot…YES! I finally beat the guy with the black Murano hear. But then again not too many people would come out to fish these conditions.
I didn't want to make a B line for the spot where I caught the 20” bass two weeks ago to try the same strategy I succeeded at. This time I wanted to try and read the surf a bit while presenting the same plug (SS little neck swimmer) as last time.

When I got to the spot where I hooked up previously it was quiet…continue to move east stopping in spots that white water was hanging around or was more notable is what I had in mind. I found one jetty that the water did just that and I had the feeling that this is where I’m going to catch. I had only planned to present three lures (SS Bottle, SP Minnow, and a hammered A47 with no tail 6/0 siwash hook that I only can find in that combo on the Brooklyn VI party boat) for this trip and given the conditions that was a wise choice.

With the rain that was now steady going sideways, and the wind that never let up made casting the most difficult I have ever experienced. I knew I needed to lead the current in order to make the bottle swim correctly so into the wind was the only option…buck tail distance is what I had to settle for. I had a feeling the hits would be in close so I gave it no further concern. If any bait was there bass would be feeding on them as the wind push them against the beach. The retrieve at times had the feeling of fishing for Albacore…difficult to keep contact with the belly in the line. At one point the winds died down to 10-15 and that’s when I hooked up!

This fish had plenty fight in it. I had a hard time keeping the rod bent…I crushed the barbs on this plug so I had to focus to land this one. It took some drag, and then ran hard at me. I caught up to it and decided to hold my rod sideways to keep it bent. Glad I did that because only then was I able to feel like I was in control of the fish. I was still feeling head shakes even into the wash. As it came out I questioned is this a blue fish. I had to turn on my head light to be sure (it was 5AM and still pitch black) of what I had caught…it’s a BASS! This one was a bit bigger and healthier/fatter than the last one I caught here so I measured it and took a better picture. This bass was still flopping around so he was in good condition and had a lot of fight left in him. I guess that’s why he was in such good condition. I let the 26 inch striper live to fight another day and was back at it…nothing else for 45 minutes in that same spot.

The sky started to show signs of dawn by now so I continued moving east. I had one more chance to land a fish but this fish was not hooked well enough so it came off. All I felt was the hit, zzzip zzzzip of the drag and the fish was gone. I kept trying but nothing more. With and hour and a half until quitting time I changed over to the hammered A47/siwash jig and headed for my two rocks to see if I can have round two of the last hook up I had there.
With these conditions not letting up it was hard to keep contact with the A47. For the last 45 minutes I decided to give the SP time in the water…it was pointless because I just couldn't place it. I still gave it a try, practicing not getting wind knots with many of the tips I was given…I then noticed that I have not had any issues with wind knots for this entire trip…Well its 9am and time to pack up. This was fun tight lines!

Shaka Antoine

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