Catch date:10/12/2014 10:12:00 PM

Story date:3/28/2015 12:55:00 AM

Location:Long Island NY

Species:Bass, Striped

I was faced with a choice I often had to make when I go I go to the North Shore where the falling tides are just about always hot or do I go to the South Shore where it can be hit or miss.

Friday (10/10/14) night I decided to go back to Capt. Harry's honey hole where I caught my first keeper (read my 7/28/14 report for details) and my second keeper, (read my 9/1/14 report) personal best Bluefish, countless cocktail bluefish that were hammering peanuts while bass were herding adult bunker in the deeper water...not this time. The only life I saw was the minnows stacked/hiding against the shore. I was there from 1:30AM-8AM not a tap or any signs of peanuts or bunker...I guess they are all out of the bay...Fall run has begun!

I had planned to fish a beach that I have not fished before somewhat. I have fished about 4 miles to the East once but was told by the Police that showed up just as I was suiting up "you can fish hear today, make this your first and last time though" after he made a call to his Sargent. It was a nice beach and I wanted to fish there again I was happy to get some Intel on where to park and where I can fish without Police telling me I can't...Thanks Tom!

I did something I said I wouldn't do under these conditions. I try to keep to a rule of thumb I learned from a book called Secrets of surf fishing at night by William A. Miller (I wanted to get into fishing at night this season, and I knew nothing about it so I wanted to read a book to give me the basics) I said I will not go to a new spot to fish for the first time at night alone...I couldn't get a buddy but like always that didn't stop me.

I got to the beach at 9:38PM and left at 3:15AM

This is my log from this trip.

The season was early fall. (10/12/14)

The stage of tide was incoming with High set for 12AM.

The weather conditions Slight wind going NE at 5-8MPH, the air temp was in the high 50's, clear night not too many clouds in the sky the whole night.

The sea was calm in between the 2-4 feet swells coming in every 7-14 seconds with a slight sweep traveling west.

The Moon face was Waning gibbous (75% illuminated) was very bright that night.

The bait present was sand flees. I never saw so many birds at night combing their beaks through the sand/wash.

Time of day was 9:38PM-3:15AM

The location was WSS...not going to spot burn ;o)

The lure was a SS Darter/buck tail teaser with Gulp 4" white swimming mullet, SS bottle, SP Minnow (blue mackerel)

Fish caught three Striped Bass. (22, 22, 24 inches)

The outfit I used was the 9FT Prevail/Pursuit II 5000

Notes: I deemed this weekend a test to see if the SS Darter would land me bigger fish than the SP Minnow has. I'm getting somewhat tired of catching small fish. I still feel that catching small fish beats getting skunked any day but there is emptiness that I feel a big fish would satisfy.

I was hooked up 5 minutes after I started so I thought this is going to be a good night. The 22" bass hit the darter and not the teaser on a parallel cast, close to the lip. I was happy it didn't take a year to land a fish on this new lure. (This was only my second trip casting it)I had little to no weeds so things looked good! That is until the moon raised then the weeds moved in.

I went east a bit but it only seemed to get worse. I went back to where I started and couldn't raise a fish...I broke another one of my rules by getting up on a rock pile I never been on in the daytime at night...was feeling bold! Nothing was shaking hear. It was 2AM and I had planned to leave now...something told me to see what's going on at the west side of the rock pile. My thought was this small jetty might collect the weeds on the east side of it given the small sweep like the other location 13 miles to my west...I climbed off and hit the sand once again. First of three cast came back with no weed on the SP. Alright I've got clear water now. The next cast fish on! I could tell it was small by the fight. The hit came close so it was beached in no time quick picture and a measurement just to see what the quality was and it was gone...five minutes later and I'm hooked up again. This one was taking a bit of drag so I knew it would be a better fish. The weight was apparent by the bend in my rod...I was a bit shocked to see it only measured 24" but was a healthy bass. I said to myself I guess I'll be hear another hour. The next day was a holiday so I was prepared to fish a while but I'm not staying for sunrise. (Tide was wrong) Its 3:15AM now I'm going home. I caught three shorts and had to be satisfied with skunk for me! Tight lines.

Shaka Antoine

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