Catch date:11/10/2014 6:56:00 PM

Story date:3/30/2015 2:35:00 AM

Location:Brooklyn NY

Species:Bass, Striped

Last night (Monday Night) I was determined to take advantage of the day off on Tuesday…Happy Veterans Day to the Vet’s. I was torn between a few things…do I try bait fishing because I want in on a huge bass that I have witnessed a few other anglers catch, do I use lures and bait at the same time, or lures only. As the day went on that’s about the only thing on my mind while working. I had to focus so that I can actually make the incoming (8pm) tide, and fish through to the outgoing (12am) with high set for 10pm it was a perfect scenario for a good night of fishing with Kenny. Despite a fondness Kenny is building for a few of the spots I fish he is game for fishing just about anywhere…as long as I make up my mind about where we will be fishing for the night.

As the day came to a close Lures only was the way to go witch helped me narrow down two spot we could fish but I still couldn't make up my mind! I sought the opinion of a fellow Surf Rat that is on the same search for trophy bass, and told him our intentions. What Lou had to say really put things into perspective and our location was set indeed. Kenny and I had to walk just over a mile to the spot that I thought would be a good spot to fish for the night. I felt drawn to fish just east about 1,540 feet from the jetty tonight. We stopped at buoy’s 10, 8, and the start of the jetty as I trolled my SP along the way. When we got to the part of the jetty where the surf meets it I noted how crowded it was and didn't want to spend too much time there…not before I climbed on a rock to take a few cast into the bay side…nothing. Kenny let’s move onto the spot I had in mind.

Close to the jetty we found some bait fisherman and I began to remember I don’t like to fish near them…so we continued east until we were clear of fishermen. I told Kenny this spot looks good we should find them hear. The Moon was bright a Waning gibbous, (81% illuminated, 19 days old) sweep was out of the west going east, wind was light out of the south, air temp was much warmer than we both expected in the 60’s (nice night to fish) I for one wanted to focus on the shadows that were far and few because it was a clear night. The areas just on either side of the moons reflection was my targets. Kenny and I spread out just enough so that I can hear his rod whip on a cast, and sometimes hear his Penn 704Z on retrieve. Boy was I glad we came

Kenny was hooked up first but he lost it. The sound he made out of frustration was loud…I was hooked up two minutes later on the SP to a rat. I walked over to Kenny showing him my fish and said let’s keep it to ourselves; I don’t want the others hear to know when we land one because they will crowed us. When we hook into a big fish who cares, we will take pictures then. I was into another short…My mind went back to a conversation with Lou I had about SP VS Darter = bigger Bass so I put the blue SS Darter on my TA Clip. The next fish I caught was close to a keeper at 27”…the theory is proven once again! After one more fish the bite seem to have died. I said to Kenny let’s move a bit west just a bit we will find them again. Kenny got the skunk off for the night on his red teaser. After a while he went five fish on every cast, on the sixth no fish, and then the next he hooked up! One of those fish was a KEEPER! Kenny was throwing the bunker colored SP minnow so on went my Blue mackerel SP.

We had a Googan in a pickup drive up and stop right behind us (I don’t know how he saw us at the speed he was driving on the beach) to ask me are you guy’s catching? I wanted to lie to him so bad but I was hooked up at the time. I said yeah shorts hoping he’d move on. When I had the fish beached he came over and said what are you throwing buck tails? I slowly said no SP Minnow. I had to say it three times so I guess he didn’t know what that was…Kenny is hooked up as I said that to him. I’m like I hope he don’t plan on setting up next to us…He starts suiting up. Mr. Googan is twenty feet away from me, and I didn’t care to see what he is casting because somehow I knew he wouldn’t hook up…he never did. The bite died when he came so we picked up Kenny’s keeper and went east a bit more…we will find them again Kenny. We both got into a few more fish. The tide was done and it was late so we called it. With 18 fish beached between the two of us with one keeper, and three (two 26, and one 27) almost a keeper bass it was a stellar night of fishing. Tight lines!

Shaka Antoine

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