Catch date:7/21/2014 11:29:00 AM

Story date:4/1/2015 1:19:00 AM

Location:Brooklyn NY


This bluefish was one of the many that "saved" a day of fishing. Dad and I just finished a half day Fluke trip on the Brooklyn VI. Dad got the pool and I caught a few shorts. One of the boats regulars herd the plan my Dad and I were making to hit the surf as soon as this boat dock and asked if he could join us because he would like to "do that" We said sure! I always load one of my three surf outfits in the truck when getting on a party boat so I was ready to hit the surf while our guest needed to stop by Bernie's to get himself a surf rod.

We get to the spot and I hop on my two rocks. The weather is picture perfect; water conditions were typical for this location yet unique. The structure in this spot is ideal to catch predatory fish. The sand bar runs parallel to the beach one cast away. The white water that is created by the waves that run over the bar should excite anyone that knows how to read beach structure. This bar ends at my two rocks creating what's known as a cut. All the water that spilled over the bar has to go somewhere so for the length of the beach that water forms a current flow feeding the cut. That is a good spot for game fish to wait for any bait that gets trapped by the bar and fed to the cut.

That cut was my target for casting my hammered A47; Siwash 6/0 hook jig in order to fool any game fish into thinking my offering was a meal. It was a clear hot summer day so the chance of a striper waiting in that cut was a slim chance at best. The hit on this jig was hard! With the rapped fire head shakes I knew right away this could be a bluefish. The jumps confirmed my estimation...I just love the fight of bluefish. As I got this fish close to me the sight of me must have pissed him off because he started pulling me off my two rocks. I had to jump off and into the four feet of water at the base...waders kept me dry. I just needed to keep pressure on him through the wash and this fish was beached. This Bluefish made me work hard for him so I took a selfy with him and brought him home for dinner. Yes I actually like the taste of bluefish that are less than 30 inches. This fish was 20 inches so he made a fine meal. Tight lines!

Shaka Antoine

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