Catch date:12/27/2014 2:06:00 AM

Story date:4/5/2015 8:51:00 PM

Location:Shinnecock Inlet NY


This trip and photo was a special fishing adventure Dad and I took on the last day of the sea bass season 2014. After our success on the Viking we figured we save our last boat trip of the year for Cod on the Shinneock Star. While the boat was exiting the inlet the sky was lit in color so I got my phone out and took a few photos. This shot is one of my many favorite shot’s. I have this one saved to my desktop at work to enjoy and relive this location. I’ve got big plans this season at this inlet and this photo is a constant reminder for me.

I never tasted cod that I caught so I was eager to catch a keeper. The bite was hot early in the trip but died down as the sun rose. I did manage to catch nine Cod! Dad caught a few good cod. He even caught one a jig he put together just for this trip in case the clam we all were using didn’t produce. Dad always bring something extra he likes to call it “playing” Many of the other anglers were a bit shocked to see one come up on a jig. But like many of the boat trips in 2014 I didn’t get to come home with a “keeper” I still had a blast on the water with my Dad fishing. This season we plan on jigging up Striped Bass, Sea bass, and cod with Butter fly jigs more often…can’t wait to feel a fish pulling drag again. Catch’em up!

Shaka Antoine

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