Catch date:7/17/2014 7:50:00 PM

Story date:4/5/2015 9:36:00 PM

Location:Brooklyn NY


This trip was a bitter sweet one for me. I went fishing with Jake an intern from the job on the Brooklyn VI. I like to talk fishing any chance I get however I’m the only person that fish on my job…That is until we got summer interns. Something told me to ask Jake if he fish at all. He said yes I use to catch fish in the lake behind my house all the time. I said what Trout? Yes was his answer. I knew right then I had someone to talk about fishing with at the office!

This was the first time I was getting on a party boat without my Dad. When I’m not fishing with him I like to have a buddy…I guess I just like company while fishing. I first invited Jake to the chartered fishing trip the Men in my church was having. Jake wanted to go but something came up. He told me next time. So when this opportunity came he said yes! Jake has never caught a Bluefish and really wanted to feel the fight they can put up. It only made sense to take him on the Brooklyn because they always find the blues that like to cruse the point nearby.

I was excited to catch a bluefish as well because I had a new rod that I wanted to see how it handles Bluefish. The 6 foot 6 Penn Mariner/Pursuit II 6000 Spooled with 50# Power Pro Super Slick 8 was ready for action. This was a night trip set for 7pm to 12 am. As we got on the grounds just around the bend after leaving the channel we pulled up on birds working. My excitement was through the roof and so was Jake’s. I got my hammered A47 ready and begun to jig. I was the second angler to land a bluefish. Jake was trying hard to catch one but he never did. When it was dark we switched over to bait but all we could catch was dog fish. I decided to take a few home to see how they taste. I was shocked that they tasted just like thick whiting. I wish Jake would’ve been able to catch a blue fish on this trip but none the less as always I enjoyed fishing that night.

Shaka Antoine

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