Catch date:4/4/2015 4:17:00 AM

Story date:4/7/2015 11:50:00 PM

Location:Long Island NY


South West Winds Blowing At 20 PMH...

I was able to get some more "testing" done with Joe at one of his back bay spot 's this pass Saturday. I only went with him to see/learn a new spot. I already had plans to go and pick up another permit and go to a spot where I could do some casting into extreme wind with the new outfit. I originally wanted Joe to come with me for my planned activities for the day. But things worked out for us both if I went with him first then do what I had planned alone...It felt good to have my gear on, scouting, and testing with Joe.

This Back Bay was just beautiful and I could see that this spot has good potential when the bunker and stripers arrive. It was protected from the wind very well. We had to wade through a few creeks and scale a concrete wall to get about remote! Joe has caught a few 10 lbs. stripers this time last season so he needed to be there to check to see if it's a pattern...true surf rat! We didn't catch but it was well worth making it out with him there. We parted ways while I went to get the next permit. Afterword's I went to a particular channel to test out my bucktail creations, then to the ocean to practice casting into big wind and water...getting much closer to opening day. Catch'em up!

Shaka Antoine

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