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Story date:4/20/2015 9:36:00 PM

Location:Brooklyn NY


I went out to fish a moon phase that produced well for me last season. I had an okay trip beaching five out of eight striped bass (all shorts) this time of year last season. With the same moon phase, and tide occurring during sunrise there was no chance I would miss out on the chance to see if it was a pattern. However there were only two conditions missing to replicate the morning I had the previous year. I was missing rain, and the fact that high tide and sunrise were both an hour later. I recalled at the end of last season there was a mass construction project going on that canceled my plans to fish that spot one day. I went back a few days later to see what was done to that stretch of beach and was dumbfounded! They removed all the jetties!!! These jetties trap bait coming out of the inlet, and were the reason bass hung out there. This was one of the concerns I had on my mind as I planned this trip. The next jetty was over a mile away so I was unsure if the bait would be trapped there after coming out of the inlet. Dad told me that shouldn’t affect too much, just read the structure when you arrive.
I rarely come to fish this spot alone because it’s in the type of neighborhood that you can get robbed for your gear and not your money at gun point. I got Al, and Julius (two serous as I am fisherman I met at Surf Day 2015) to go with me. They fish about a mile west of this spot so we all knew the potential of catching today. I got to the spot at 3:45AM; suited up by 4 to read the structure, and observe what changes was made. I was happy to see the put ONLY one jetty back however they didn’t put the second longer jetty back that was a major factor in trapping the bait. The next thing I noted was the absence of big water…this is now a flat beach. The only structure hear now is one lonely jetty. We didn’t catch anything. But we did see Gannet’s diving high and fast about a mile and a half off shore. We took a break to eat breakfast and on to the next spot after Julius picked up the permit required.
I took Al and Julius to spot two to show them around a bit. I showed them where I like to fish at night, and during the day hear…with another pod of Gannets diving in the same manner as the last spot I took it as a good sign…we didn’t catch anything there so on to location number three. Julius fell in love with the bar that is close to shore and began to cast first. We spread out giving each other room to see if we can find a fish…nothing. I decided to show them the jetty so we took the hike about a mile. I noted along the way how the winter has changed the beach. We left our Korkers in our trucks so we didn’t go to the tip. We did pick a spot where we have water on both side to begin casting. We didn’t catch anything that day but it felt great to be on the water with like-minded fishermen. I’ll be fishing much more with Al and Julius for sure…They kina remind me of both my Dad and I. Looking forward to an even better season catch’em up!

Shaka Antoine

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