Catch date:4/17/2015 9:11:00 PM

Story date:4/20/2015 9:45:00 PM

Location:Long Island NY

Species:Bass, Striped

I had the chance to fish the honey hole with my good friend Andy in a bay on the north shore. This is the location that produced all of my keepers, and the only spot I’ve caught fish on a bucktail last season so I hold this spot with high regards. I’m most thankful to Andy for allowing ONLY my Dad and I to fish hear on his Aunties privet property whenever we want to. It’s not too often you find one location that holds so many different types of bait that stripers love. I tend to not turn his offers to fish the honey hole down because if it was his idea then the fish are there! It’s rear to see someone that knows a productive spot like this like the back of his hand. I just try to learn all that I can from him because I fish hear often alone…those are the times when I get to put the practical to use.
After church had just ended my phone was blowing up! Its Andy…he says “Bunker everywhere. If you want come now. Can’t talk in the zone” I let out one big YO!!! Told the wife what was going on and can we leave now! All I said to Andy was I’ll call you when I get home…I was on my way in one hour and eleven minutes, and on the hill by 11:30PM. I took some time out to look over the bay to see if I can spot the schools from there so that I can get an idea of what will be my play when I get on the doc. Just as Andy said I could see multiple schools just tailing in the bay. When I was on deck I saw that Andy had a bin with some of the biggest bunker I ever saw. Some of them had what looked like barnacles or sea worms (not lice) on them telling me they just completed a good migration…Happy to finally see bait back in the bay. I baited up two of the four outfits I brought with me and put them in the holes I have come to know.
It felt too good to be in this bay again. I Began casting lures to see if I can break the bass out of there end of migration lethargic state of mind…no luck with that. The water temps are still cold so it didn’t seem odd. Andy and I just had the same feeling that the bass are hear but just not in great numbers just yet. They were just waiting on the bunker to come close to where they were staging before they spend much needed energy to get a good sized meal. At 1:15Am we both noted Andy’s rod behaving like a bunker was trapped in the line. We both just watched the tip dance a bit while the bell stayed silent…bunker for sure because the blue crabs are not hear yet. Three minutes or so passed and the rod is doing the same dance. Andy walks over and picked up his rod. He said yeah something is picking at my bait but it shouldn’t be crab now…he tugged on the line and felt a jolt. Andy set’s the hook and it’s an 8lbs bass! The bass just picked up his bait and sat there for at least five minutes not bothering to swimming away with it.

Andy bait’s up again and put the bunker back in the same spot, and goes over to the rock piles 1,200 feet away to check on the rods over there. At this point I’m going back to lures that has worked here before still hoping for a bite on lures to no avail. At 1:45AM I’m keeping watch on all our rods on the doc when I noticed Andy’s same rod in the same location as the last is doing the same dance. I had just cast a lure out to the bend where the bass like to stage but had to reel as fast as I could because the rod was now bent over good…I said wait why didn’t I hear the bell or was I distracted by the site of the bent rod. I picked up the rod to take out the slack after I watched the rod stand back up just before I picked it up…fish is still there! I Set the hook for the first time this season on a fish and went into the zone. I alerted Andy to the hook up and began bringing the fish in. I gave Andy his rod when I had the fish to the lower doc. Used the griper to lip him in and he weighed 14lbs…healthy teen fish! It felt good to be fighting a fish in this first week of open season.

We didn’t have any other bites but we both knew things will start to heat up once the water temps trigger the fish to go on the feed. I’m looking forward to spending the action packed sunrises hear as bass and blues chase the plethora of bait that takes up shelter in this bay. Let’s be safe out there guys and catch’em up!

Shaka Antoine

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