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Story date:4/21/2015 12:14:00 AM

Location:Long Island NY


After all the warm weather we’ve been having I decided to see if any bigger bass moved into the honey hole for a sizable meal. I just had to check and see for myself if the feeling was correct. The conditions were a bit different than the previous trip. The wind was out of the east still light enough to cast lures, and the surface of the water was rough enough to make it a bit tougher to spot the bunker pods. They were still there of course and as expected. I didn’t bring any of the bait Andy supplied on our last trip so my plan was to snag a few if I can’t get a bass to hit any of my lures. I packed the truck with my 10’ to use for bait, my conventional to live line, the 11’ to use for bait, and my 9’ to cast lures or snag bunker with.
I managed to snag two bunker that night. The smaller one I used for bait while the bigger livelier one was perfect for live lining. This bunker was strong enough to always attempt to swim under the doc I was standing on…that wasn’t going so well so I just baited up the conventional and floated a head. I set up with bait in the hole, the head floating, and my 11’ rod and bait set up in the same spot the 14lbs striper came from. I didn’t manage and fish this night. I pulled all lines out of the water and none were toughed except the one bait I had in the spot I fought the 14lbser…no bait on that hook Hmm. I usually don’t like to put down a rod that has bait on it for that same reason. But I was alone; this is a big dock so I wanted to cover all areas while I cast lures. I might have to hold my rod in that location so that I don’t miss the hit. Still all in all it was a nice night to be on the water…fishing. Catch’em up!

Shaka Antoine

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