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Story date:5/6/2015 12:17:00 AM

Location:Brooklyn NY


I had a rare chance to fish after work. Al and Julius were supposed to join me but they both had to sit this trip out, we will link up soon. Almost all the info from my last trip is the same, tide and all. Only difference is this was at night, and I was using the frozen bunker I snagged from our honey hole on the north shore. I really wanted to see if I can get a bluefish to hit a lure in the night so I brought my 11’Battalion/Long Cast to plug and my 10’Tidewater/Pursuit II 6000 for bait. Walking the beach I saw a baby seal just resting on the beach and thought tonight might be a bust…he wasn’t in the water so I dismissed the thought to focus on picking a spot where I wanted to get set up. Once I got things dialed in I caught a 10lbs Bluefish fallowed by 6lbs blue. And to end the night I lost my cell phone on the beach SMDH!

My plan was to catch what was left of the day light to increase my chance of catching a Bluefish on a lure. I was also optimistic about catching a bass as well, and then when night fall soak the frozen bunker while dead sticking the 10’ and keep trying lures with my 11’ I wanted to be on the beach by 8pm but my wife wasn’t too happy about me going out again to fish, and she wasn’t feeling 100% so I needed to look after my youngest daughter and give her a bath. After her bath my sweetie pie asked me something I didn’t want to hear at that time…Daddy can you play with me? My mind flashed to the high tide that was set for 9ish. Normally as Dad always taught us begin fishing 90 minutes before and after high tide then go home. That should be the best chance of catching. I then recalled my last trip at this spot and the fish seem to not care about the stage of tide they were hungry. So it was nothing to sit on the floor with Savannah and build blocks. She released me about 30 minutes later so I packed up the truck and hit the road.

I get to the lot and only saw three other cars and one guy was packing it in while chapping it up with his partner. I began to suit up keeping everything in my surf bag from my last trip except the damaged jigs that I replaced. The deep, fast moving water was my target without wading (I try and stick to a rule of not wading at night because I don’t plan on becoming shark bait) so I kind of made up my mind about where I would get set up. However I wanted to be somewhat close to where that bait guy was killing them on the weekend. I know this area pretty well so I knew how to navigate in the dark to find his place, and still keep in mind reading the structure/tide. I’m now suited up and the two guys asked me when are you leaving? I said oh by 2AM if I don’t catch by 11PM.

I began walking the beach 90 minutes after high and took note of 4 guys sitting on a log with four rods with their baits set up in the shallows. I’ve been told you can catch a bass in the clam beds hear but it didn’t seem logical given the tide…rookie move. I asked anything yet. One replied in his trini tong plenty skate bai…not encouraging but I pressed on. As I’m walking I notice a big black shape moving oddly away from me…I froze to observe the situation. I turned on my head light and snapped a few pictures of the baby seal and kept it moving while it growled as I passed him.
I am now trying to make up my mind about where I want to get set up for the night. Do I get set up on the spot where the channel is closes to the bar or where the deeper water is closes to the lip? My first pick would be the deeper water but that guy was doing too well to ignore the bar. I still wasn’t going to wade out to the bar so I started there. My bunker (I was feeling optimistic so I took two with me) was still solid so I added sea water to the bag and placed them in my cooler. This gave me time to focus on lures so I was cool with how that worked out. I gave it 30 minutes and they both were ready. In just 15 minutes the bait showed signs of crab so I cast the next piece in the opposite direction. I got a snag with a lure close to shore and said no I don’t want any parts of that so I moved to the deeper water.

I’m glad I did that because I began to see the kind of life I was interested in. I pulled the bait in for a change and it was gone. No way crags can eat that fast so a fish must have taken that but I had a bell on the tip and I was watching the rod while retrieving my lures looking in no other direction…soft hits I tell you masked by the swaying of the ocean. That was the end of my dead sticking session round about 12:20AM. I will not miss the next hit! I felt what seem like a brush on my line as if it made contact with something…I raise the rod slowly to see if there is any resistance. I didn’t feel any however I was looking to feel the 3oz pyramid sinker drag bottom. When I didn’t feel that I just set the hook and I’m hooked up! Drag is peeling and I’m in the zone. I felt good Wight but the fight said Bluefish! The 10lbs blue is THIS season’s best so far. I gave the 10’ a break and put the same rig on my Battalion. My next cast and I get snagged on bottom/debris in the water. I wasn’t able to free this one so the hook I snail was lost. I took note of where that was and put the next chunk in the water…missed that hit. I noted I wasn’t holding bottom as fast as I’d like due to the fast moving current. I didn’t have any pyramids higher than 3oz so I put a 2oz bank sinker in line with the pyramid to make 5oz (I am happy I invested in an outfit that has a wide range of what it can handle. 2-6oz gives me room to cover many situations) As soon as I put the next bait out I got hit one hour and twenty minutes after the first fish (1:40AM) setting the hook on a 6lbs blue…glad I came! I still had bait left to I kept fishing. After a few misses and two bite offs I was ready to go. I wanted to clean off the sand of my fish and take a photo of them side by side but my phone was gone!!! I searched the beach for another two plus hours trying to find it but it was gone. Odd because I didn’t wade so it should be in the sand but was never found…Thank God for insurance so I should have another one in one business day. Catch’em up

Shaka Antoine

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