Catch date:5/10/2015 3:12:00 PM

Story date:5/11/2015 4:23:00 AM

Location:Brooklyn NY


This report will be much like my last two with minute differences. My family and I didn’t get to church due to some unfortunate occurrences. That gave me a bit more time than I planned to fish! I went to the honey hole first to see if I can get into some stripers for my first shift, and see if they are ready to hit lures yet…Nope! For my second shift I went to get back on the blues close to home. I was able to catch 5 Bluefish on a lure I caught fish on for the first time. But I wouldn’t have caught them if it wasn’t for Ruddy letting me get set up right next to where he and his son was fishing…Thanks again you’re the nicest fisherman I know.

I left my house at 8:35PM and was pulling up to the privet property at 9:17. I was faced with a light on shore wind out of the south making it tough for me to spot any bunker from the hill overlooking the bay due to the ripples on the water’s surface. I did still hear the bunker splashing around the doc so I felt like I had a good chance tonight for another keeper to hit a lure. The tide was low with high set for 3AM (not favorable for this spot. The falling tide turns the bite on hear) so I was fishing incoming. I always like to fish/test the waters around the doc first just to cover more ground. I gave it 15 minutes before moving over to the rocks.
I took one step on the jetty that was fully exposed given the stage of tide and almost fell…need my Korkers. I didn’t want to risk and injury so I went back to the truck and strapped the Rocktrax on. I get back on the tip on one out four jetties close to where I caught a keeper last season. The sky began to look like a storm was near. The fog rolled in thick covering ALL the lights from across the bay making it extra dark. So here I am deep in the bay, standing at the tip of the jetty, with heavy fog…fishing! I can’t get enough of this life. I couldn’t entice a bite and to make matters worse I lost a special SP Minnow that I’m doing some testing on snagged on the bottom. With an hour before high my feet were about to get wet so I gathered my gear and went back to the doc.

The amount of bunker seems to increase every week! At one point I couldn’t tell if what I was seeing and hearing was a night time blitz or just multiple schools of bunker having a good time after the tide brought them in for the night. What was most frustrating is I couldn’t even snag any to use as bait for Monday night SMDH I’m not the best at reading what mood bunker are in so in my mind it could be bluefish are harassing them but the blues haven’t invaded this bay yet. If this was my only shift for the night I would’ve stayed for sunrise to see if a bite would turn on. The tide would be right then being outgoing. But I was set to take advantage of the six hour time difference between the North Shore and the South shore. I took some time out to get prepared for the toothy Bluefish by tying up a special leader to prevent cut offs. Al put me on to this line called Tuf Line leader (100 lbs. test). Its wire that you can tie knots with much like braid. I had trouble with getting my favorite knot (Palomar) to cinch down so I asked him what knots dose he uses to tie this line…Uni was the call. It worked like a champ its 3:08AM now and time to head for the South Shore for some more Bluefish action.

I arrived an hour and twenty minutes before low slack. There was only on truck in the lot with the engine running, with one guy leant back sleeping I guess. As I’m walking the beach I spot one guy standing on the bar that’s exposed. After he turned on his light I asked him anything yet. He said nah just skate hmm I heard that before but I was a bit shocked because he’s was on the bar that was on fire two trips back. I asked how long where you hear? Three hours now he responded. I made a B line for my Bookmark to see if I can get a bite on lures while it’s still dark.

I moved around from point to point searching for where the Blues where set up for four hours…nothing. I felt like they were there but just couldn’t figure out what they felt like hitting today. It just seems to change from day to day but they hit in the same general area each time. Sometimes bait only, lures and bait, or even lures alone day and night. I guess you just have to be ready for some Slack to Slack fishing to catch them here. It wasn’t until about 6AM when the tide changed direction, the wind was to my back coming out of the South East perfect for long cast’s with minnow style plugs. The sun was a miss by the thick fog still present. The water temps felt much colder than the North Shore, the ocean was as calm as the sound, and water clarity was crystal clear.

My thought was these blues should get a real good look at my lures so I better use something life like. I put the jigs away and went with a little something new to me. (Savage Gear Freestyler) At 8 AM I was due to go home so that I can take my wife to her hair dresser appointment so I began to walk home after I take five cast. At the same time some older gentlemen (3 of them) came to bait fish a comfortable 50 feet away from me. As soon as the first one put his bait in the water he had a hit. I’m like are you serious I been here for hours and he puts one line in the water for 2 minutes and he hooked up! I felt robbed of my time as the next guy on his right gets hooked up then the guy on his right. These fish might be going down the beach so let me move that way. I get over there and another set of bait fisherman are setting up.

Next to them are a guy and his son fishing. The kid was using an SP while the Dad was manning two rods (bait on one and SP on the other) It’s not my style to crowed so I set up 50 feet away on his right. Birds are now working one cast out. I’m cycling through lures trying to get a hit. The farther and son are landing fish on all rods. They seem to be holding on the left, center, and just to the right of the point I was on for the last four hours. I look back to where I came from and some new bait arrivals have set up and are also hooking up SMDH! I was just there! All I could do was take a picture in my envy of two guys at the time hooked up.
At one point the Dad (Ruddy) comes over to me and asks what you are using. I show him and he said you should be catching me and my son are using SP Minnows. I said yeah I see but they seem to be holding/concentrated on that point…Ruddy looks at me and said come on over hear I don’t mind I’m not like that. I get a poles length from him on his left and first cast I’m in! I introduced myself and said Ruddy you’re the nicest guy I know, not too many people will do what you have done Thanks! We fished for the next hour catching blues. The whole beach was on fire! Bait and lures. I had to leaving them biting with five good sized fish one was 11lbs my personal best. Catch’em up!

Shaka Antoine

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