Catch date:6/20/2015 12:43:00 AM

Story date:6/23/2015 2:02:00 AM

Location:Montauk NY


Joe and I originally made plans to fish two spots in the Central South Shore late Friday night into Saturday morning. Joe usually changes his fishing plans often whereas me I finalize where I’m fishing on Saturday by Thursday night…for some reason we both couldn’t agree to “stick to the plan” I decided to break protocol and finalize where we would be fishing on Friday morning…Montauk it is. We only had time to fish the outgoing AM tide on the North side and no more. We met up at the 7 Eleven on Montauk high way where we both spotted Bill Wetzel one of Montauk’s best Striped bass licensed guides with a few clients for the night. I said I guess we did come at a good time if Bill is guiding tonight. I had planned to get a sandwich to heat and some iced tea but the sight of Mr. Wetzel made me just want to get to the spot we planned to fish into the morning so we left just after Wetzel and his clients did.

We decided we would start out at Clarke’s cove and work our way east to the light house. But in a classic Joe fashion he wanted to go west to stepping stones first then go onto the original plan…I was game I needed to see that spot anyways. We get to the rocks and it’s still spooky like the last time I was in MTK. We picked out our rocks to stand on and began casting into the night…nothing so we start our migration east. By the time the sun started to come up we still had nothing. It wasn’t until we got to Jones reef that Joe gets hooked up! I took this photo of him fighting the fish.

The small blue gave Joe no satisfaction so he got off of his rock and moved on down the beach. Just as Joe began walking I was into a fish! I turned to him and called and whistled but he never herd or looked back to see what I was doing. I got the fish to the base of the rock I was standing on in 4 feet of water with a rogue wave coming in crashing me with an angry bluefish hooked to my tension lure. I unclipped my rapala fish gripper, got the fish by the mouth, put my rod in my Aqua skins D ring so I could focus on not getting bitten by the thrashing bluefish while I pulled my plyers out to free the hook that was set deep in the roof of its mouth. I usually take a photo of fish I catch for my log and so I can post my catch but I was in a situation. I’m on a rock a good 50 feet from shore and I’ve got waves that seem to come in when you least think they will. I didn’t want to lose another expensive phone to the water again. I had my backup Sony cyber shot clipped to the inside of my waders but I knew I would be releasing this fish because I had no place to put him so I didn’t want to keep it out of the water longer than I already did…back he went.

By now I had bluefish biting top water lures right in front of me, and my buddy on the other side of the next point at Scolls Hole. My thought was I could stay on this rock and continue catching bluefish or move on hoping we would catch a striper…we didn’t catch anything else. The outgoing changed to high slack, and most of the seasoned anglers that fish hear are now making their way over to the south side…wish I could make that move as well but I have to drive three hours to get home so I can take the wife to work and punch in for Daddy duty. It was nice to finally be able to shoot to Montauk just for a tide and back. I’m sure there will be more trips like this in the near future. It would’ve been much nicer if we caught stripers but hey that’s fishing Catch’em up!

Shaka Antoine

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