Catch date:6/27/2015 1:59:00 AM

Story date:7/6/2015 3:12:00 AM

Location:Long Island NY


On this trip my buddy Joe and I had it in our heads to fish together but we both wanted to fish a different section of the same water with only four miles between us. At the spot where Joe went I have caught there last season after I got some curtail Intel from Tom. Tom herd about what Nassau county finest told me while I was suiting up “make this your first and last time you fish hear” I told the officer the town office said I can fish as long as the life guards were not on duty. Tom told me where to park, and what moon phases (full) to avoid fishing there due to the weed that seem to kill the bite. I never show up to fish that spot until Tom is catching…Tom let us know he caught and the weed situation is minimal. That was Joe’s motivation to fish in Tom’s backyard.

I wanted to fish the jetty and an inlet I have caught on last season as well. I wanted to fish the smaller jetties at night and the inlet for sunrise that was only a mile apart going west. The parking situation is a bit tricky as well because you need to be a resident of the town…last season’s ticket taught me well. I found out if I park in front of the hotel there is no way of knowing I am not a guest of the hotel unless you see me suiting up and that’s why I arrived at 3AM. We both had excellent conditions that we tossed our whole surf bags at for not a tap. I covered the most ground and all I saw for the entire morning into the early afternoon was one cocktail bluefish a guy caught on clam of all things smh…Skunked!

Shaka Antoine

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