Catch date:7/4/2015 2:06:00 AM

Story date:7/6/2015 3:16:00 AM

Location:Long Island NY


This was another solo trip I took to an inlet out east that I have always wanted to fish. I’m the only one amongst my fishing buddy’s that paid the steep price (for none residents) to fish the entire east end of Long Island. Certainly Not the typical way I would’ve liked to spend my 4th of July but I had some tough circumstances on my plate…God will not give me more than I can handle so I went fishing! I got to the lot at 3AM to eat my meal before I started fishing, and load my surf bag for the inlet. While I’m doing that a farther and son team were suiting up and getting their eels ready to fish the slack water. I was there for the tide change to fish the incoming so I took my time. I strapped on my Korkers and I was ready.

Fishing the west side of this inlet felt a bit tricky. The deepest water was on the east side close to the rocks. In order to allow my bucktail to reach the bottom I had to lead the fast current almost parallel to the rocks, and then let line out until it reaches 12 to start my retrieve. That was a challenge with all the boat traffic, and the fact that the birds were working bait out of casting range. It was clear that none of us are going to catch now so I went exploring the open beach west of the inlet…with this east wind that bait could blow up onto the beach. I cycled through all I could fit in my surf bag, ran into some surfers with no etiquette setting up to surf right in front of me where I was fishing first, and a huge rip about a mile off shore that I felt was holding fish judging by the bird action the whole time I was fishing this five thousand feet of the beach. By the time the tide was two hours into the drop I made my way back to the inlet. As I got closer I could see the birds were still working only now they were inside of the inlet…now is my chance I though. It was a controlled frantic seen everyone was trying to catch a fish on poppers because the birds were diving rapidly. I tried with my tension lure but nothing got any attention…got to get underneath them I thought. It wasn’t until I put a 3oz hammered diamond jig with a yellow tail on did I hook up. The fight was a bit odd like a sea robin. Those were the only fish I saw come up for the bait crowd all morning. I was a bit shocked to see a 6lb Bluefish Just hanging below the surface. I lifted it up on the rock next to me and the worst thing happened…it freed itself from the hook and fell between the rocks that are not as tightly packed as most of the inlets out west. I went in my bag to put my spoon with its trebles on to get my fish but by the time I did that it dove under the water and swam away…my hole days’ work for one hit and I didn’t even get a photo! I’m done hear and going home. Catch’em up!

Shaka Antoine

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