Catch date:7/21/2015 4:26:00 PM

Story date:7/23/2015 12:44:00 AM

Location:Brooklyn NY


I was in the mood to be on the water for sunset casting lures after work Tuesday. I don’t usually get to fish sunset’s I always catch the sunrise on the water. With the onset of a storm I knew the barometer would be falling, and that usually make fish go on the feed…just like us humans when a big snow storm is approaching we flock to the supermarkets to make sure we have food to eat if things get bad. Fish have the same frame of mind when a storm is approaching so I went to a bay where I’m sure big striped bass was just caught two weeks or so ago. I figured I check to see if the fish are still hanging back or just enjoy and evening casting my tension lure, and see if I can get a low light strike.

As I’m walking the path to the water’s edge I couldn’t help capturing the forming, and passing clouds so I took this photo…at the end of the path I spotted the bunker school! I was a bit puzzled that the other two anglers seem to pay them no mind…I got my snag out and began trying to hook one so I can deploy the “snag and drop” method that V, and Lou has been doing so well on…that didn’t work out so well for me. When the school got within range I snagged and dropped the bunker. About twenty minutes later I felt a quick tap on the line and that’s all. I thought maybe I just got cut off but a lift of the rod and my snag is still there. Five minutes later I reel in to check on my bunker and it’s gone. Bluefish had to be the culprit because the tap felt too fast for a bass. I know Bass hits to feel like a drawing type of hit or hard tap. After that I went back to casting lures for no hits…Skunked!

Shaka Antoine

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