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Story date:8/12/2015 12:56:00 AM

Location:Long Island NY


I think I had one of the most frustrating trips of all my seasons last night. I had the itch to fish for fluke from shore for the first time this season…I don’t get too excited about catching fluke. It might have something to do with the fight or lack thereof. I wanted to catch the last two hours of day light with my Skinner rig, and my 7’ Shimano FX S-70MHB2/Pursuit II 5000 outfit I like to use from shore when fluking. I usually use my Contender 40 spooled with 20lbs line from the boats for fluke but I’ve had bass break my handle twice…not risking that again. I take the reel from my 9’ outfit and us it with this 7’ just in case a bass/blues take interest in my gulp.

I’ve been “banned” from fishing on Saturdays for the rest of the month to spend some QT with the family so I’m left with fishing during the week…catch daylight didn’t work out so well. I meet up with Avi at the spot I had in mind given the South East winds that I felt should keep the bait tight to shore. Before I could even get there he’s screaming too much weeds in the water. I know that location has that issue around the moons but I’ve still caught a few fish last season on the west sides of the jetty’s. When I arrived it was 9PM, and Avi was done. It was too dark to give fluke a shot so I changed game plans by taking the 11’ out for bass. I gave it thirty minutes before getting sent back to my truck by the weeds…Time for plan B.

I knew of a spot close by thanks to Joe that was holding a plethora of bait two weeks ago. This same wind should have the same affect but give the bait less room to escape. The onset of this storm should also have the barometer dropping making the fish go on the feed. This Back Bay has good “hard structure”, and moderate current to use small jigs even though I’ve caught snappers and Joe lost a nice bass all on the SP Minnow in the same spot this season. I get to the spot trying my best not to spook the fish…as soon as I cleared the brush I’m greeted by a large splash! Yes fish are here. I took a few minutes to note what direction the current was moving, and what type of bait was here so I could decide what to cast. I already knew of one type from my last trip hear but the second type of bait was clear from my time spent on the Western North Shores…that style of evasive maneuvers are only done by peanuts. I started casting ¾, 1, 1 ½, 2oz bucktails with gulp/rind combo, SP, 4” shad, 5” heavy weighted bunker color shad, Tsunami talking popper, tension lure, needle fish, darter, hell I even put my DMag Lures 6” metal lip swimmer in the water for not a tap. From 10:30 to 1:30 the sound of sucking, tail slap efforts to daze bait, thumps, the sound of bait breaching, and even the sight of the wake fish were making as they chased bait was a torment to me and the guy that showed up with his girl thirty minutes before I left. This guy was casting a small jig head with a pink bass master like soft bait. I’m told bass are even harder to catch when they are on small bait. By the time I got to my truck and drove by where he decided to park he was gone. I guess I wasn’t the only one that got skunked!!!

Shaka Antoine

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