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Story date:8/19/2015 1:42:00 AM

Location:Montauk NY

Species:Bass, Striped

I took another tip out to Montauk after Lou’s role call to fish this New moon tide that fell on the weekend. I was unable to meet up with the fellas due to the fact that I was banned from fishing on Saturdays to spend time with the family. I took the family to Coney Island and we watched our little girl have a blast as I use to when I was a kid. It actually felt good being out with the wife on a Saturday. I’m on vacation this week so I set out to fish MTK on Sunday after church. I tried to convince Joe he wasn’t feeling well so he could join me but he didn’t bite…slack to slack fishing solo it is.

I wanted to fish the light for the last hour of incoming before heading over to my intended spot but I arrived a bit too late. I decided to get into position where I’ve caught in the pass on my tension lure in the daytime. Now that it’s dark I sent the darter out and was hooked up on my third cast. My 9’ Prevail is very sensitive so I could tell the fish wasn’t too big. This fish began taking off towards the wall to my left so it could be a bass. In no time the fish made it into the rocks…I loosened up the drag keeping pressure on the fish to prevent getting cut off. I had to hop over three rocks, couldn’t tell where the fish was so I turned on my RED light to follow the line down to my feet. First thing I thought was how did the fish make it under hear? I was expecting to see stripes as I panned down the fish with my light but when I didn’t see any I thought wow Bluefish hit my darter at night. As I put the fish gripper on its jaw he began upchucking it’s meal at me…hate when they do that but it can be helpful to know what they are feeding on when I’m not keeping them. Fish weighed out to 6lbs then he somehow freed himself falling into the water that rushed under the rock I was standing on. No more hits so I moved on a bit west.

I didn’t feel like wading out too far because of my plan for going to the next spot. I just wanted to see if I could hook up again before moving off. I stood on the first rock with the shape I like to stand on and first cast with the darter I’m in. I had to do a slight drag adjustment while keeping bent…now this feels like a bass nothing big just weight while body surfing the waves to me. The sight of stripes on this fish made me happy, never mind the fact that it was only 4lbs just happy to see stripes. I actually felt like kissing the fish before I let it go but I passed. After about the fifth cast with no hits I sent the SP out…nothing. It’s time to hit my intended spot.

I wanted to try fishing a spot where I planned to fish in June with AL, and Julius but I got stuck in the sand on that trip. Thanks to its deep ruts, the weight of two other guys, and not enough ground clearance on my CR-V were the main factors on that trip so after I dug myself out we just stopped there and fished. The conditions were much more favorable this time around so I made it to the spot with no issues at all. Meny was right later on in the season the sand is much more packed, and with the rain we had that helped as well. I pulled up to my bookmark at 11:32PM and was able to see I wasn’t alone. I saw a truck parked about 685 feet ahead with two folks bait fishing judging by the green lights on poles.

The place was quite after I cycled through the surf bag. The bait guys left so I positioned myself where they were because that’s where I wanted to fish as well. First cast on the retrieve I said out loud to myself man it would be nice to get a hook up…and bam! I’m hooked up. Fish hit at the end of the cast so it took a bit of effort to come in. Bass was sub keeper so a quick photo and back it went to get bigger...catch'em up!

Shaka Antoine

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