Catch date:8/17/2015 2:06:00 AM

Story date:8/19/2015 1:45:00 AM

Location:Montauk NY


Day two in Montauk felt a bit more like recon for the fall run. I fished almost all the spots I’ve caught fish, on the same rule of thumb tides to fish MTK for no hits. I even went back to the spots I caught both bass, and the only action I had was competing Bluefish. I felt the hit on my spoon jig with a natural color tail, I set the hook, and shortly after I get cut off clean far away from the lure and leader…one more thing I don’t like about bluefish. When night time fell I went to a spot I scoped out earlier that had much cleaner deeper water but I couldn’t buy a hit not even on the tension lure. I felt like I was too Far East on the south side this late in the season was the feeling I had. With all the rather large racks left behind it was a clue that others have caught hear but no telling how long ago. One of things I’ve learned about fishing Montauk…knowing witch of its many points to show up on at the right tides to catch fish. I still have some learning to do. All in all I’m getting myself ready for the fall run with these trips to The End. Brooklyn is far away so I left at 9PM…Skunked

Shaka Antoine

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