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Story date:8/25/2015 8:18:00 PM

Location:Long Island NY


This is the 10lbs Fluke Joe caught at one of his spots on a previous trip. I just got skunked an hour and a half earlier on one of my solo night time trips and I wanted to join him on his fluke adventure where he caught that same fish. I haven’t done much fluking from shore so I took advantage of the opportunity even though I didn’t have with me the fluke outfit I normally use on the boats with my Dad. So what I did was I used my trusty 9’ and put the Skinner rig, chartreuse gulp on I never take out of my surf bag. On the boats Dad and I use squid skirts, 1oz white bucktail, gulp on the bottom, and a 3/0 bait holder hook tipped with gulp on top. Joe had the same rig except he was using a ¾ oz and white gulp all around.

We didn’t catch on the bay or the ocean side but I gained the knowledge of another one of Joe’s spots. Joe is a gentleman always putting me in the spot where he usually catches. We had so much bait in the water however it didn’t appear to have any fish on them. It was crazy to me having all the fluke candy swimming at my feet. I wish I had a cast net to catch, and fish them live. I think I’ll keep trying to catch fluke from shore a bit closer to home especially now that V has given me a few tips that he uses to catch them. To end this trip Joe managed to take an epic photo of me mid cast that I’ve always wanted someone to take. I hope to have many more of those done some time soon. Catch’em up!

Shaka Antoine

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