Catch date:8/31/2015 9:06:00 PM

Story date:9/3/2015 1:31:00 AM

Location:Brooklyn NY


I just about had the exact trip the other night as my last trip to the same spot…it was quite spooky in a way. But what can you expect if all of the conditions are the same except the moon phase. Just about every detail is the same so I’ll only mention the differences, and anything else worth mentioning for this mirror image trip.

I actually was able to make some daylight to Fluke with Justin and his neighbor Howard the other night. I had other plans for fluke from shore that night but Justin suggested a spot I’ve never fished before…I’m always game to learn a new to me spot so I joined them. We took a walk down to the open beach front with two game plans. Justin and I had Skinner rigs, Justin had on a Gulp shrimp, and I had Gulp minnow all around. Howard on the other hand was casting a deadly dick for stripers, bluefish or maybe even albacore even though we still have thirteen more days before they might show up in our waters. We combed 1,369 feet of that beach for not a tap. It was nice to fish with them before my 10pm appointment of round two on the jetty.

I got to the jetty by 10: pm and I saw one truck making its way. By the time I got to the beach I saw one more truck and thought okay where are these guys fishing. I scanned as far as my eyes could see in this Waning gibbous lit night. When I got to the base of the jetty I finally saw what I didn’t really want to…two sharpies fishing right where I had planned on starting for the night. One of them was unhooking a bass and I thought OK good sign they are still hear right where I left them. As I’m rock hopping to get by the gent unhooking his bass his rod became separated. With only one way pass him I gave him a hand to get it back together, and then I was on my way. I set myself up far enough pass them that I was not at risk of tangling our lines given that I was down current of them. But I was close enough to keep an eye on them just in case they are catching. I only needed to see there rods against the backdrop of the sky. I picked out my spot and was into a fish no more than ten casts later. I first glanced over to see if they saw me hooked up or herd my drag complaining, and I was happy it went unnoticed.

This fish felt the same as the last keeper except the fight was much more erratic. My thought was this is a bluefish because it was running away from me, then left, and right, and at me. I actually had a hard time keeping my rod bent when it swam at me. There were two differences between this fish and the one from the other night. The drag was set the same (half turn off locked) but this fish had my drag still complaining while I reeled after it was close, and when this fish surfaced slapped its tail, and flopped on its side reveling to me this is a bass showing its white belly and stripes…the hook pulled! This had to be a male fish. I dislike lures with 2/0 trebles. I was careful not to roar like I always do when I lose a fish in an effort not to alert my company of what just happened. Not matter what I did next I didn’t get any more hits nor did I see the sharpies hooked up again as far as I could tell. They eventually left and so did I not long after.

I walked the long way home to sort of digress, and check on some of my other bookmarks back to my truck. I even saw Avi’s tall bearded friend whose name is Israel bait fishing the shallows…how similar can this trip get! We spoke a bit about SP Minnows color patters for a bit. I told Israel where the better “bait fishing” spots are here and I was on my way home…Skunked!

Shaka Antoine

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