Catch date:9/5/2015 3:51:00 AM

Story date:9/9/2015 2:20:00 AM

Location:Montauk NY


I met up with Joe late last Friday night in Montauk for a shot at the first North East wind blowing at 17MPH maxing out at 21MPH, air temps were at 66 degrees, and high tide was set for 1:33AM. We couldn’t ignore those conditions and decided to give it a shot with hopes of catching a fish of a life time. This trip didn’t pan out to catching anything. However I did finally get to meet face to face two out of many of the top guys I hold with high regards in the surfcasting community on this trip. I first ran into Neil talking to Joe as I’m pulling into the light house lot. Neil and his buddy Mike were packing it in or getting ready to head to the next spot. Joe and I did the same as we got in my truck. When Joe and I got to my bookmark we were not alone…somewhat expected this with the conditions we faced. One truck looked very familiar to me as I recalled Lou has one just like it…could this be the night we finally met after several failed and unfortunate situations…Lou is that you? Shaka! It’s nice to meet you finally. We spoke for a while with some fishing mixed in. Once we hit three hours into the drop Lou split to rest up while Joe and I continued for a bit to see if we can get a hit.

We took a ride to another spot for first light but MTK was Quiet! Joe was “shot” again so he went home earlier than planned…I usually catch when he does that but not this time. The water was a mess with weed wherever we went. I saw two types of seals witch explained the no fish conditions. Hard to get a fish to bite when a seal is in the area. I even saw a half-eaten striper, and several dead bluefish, and bunker (not peanuts) on the beach…I can’t understand why “fishermen” don’t respect bluefish. Throw them back if you’re not going to eat them. Understand there importance to the striped bass fishery…blues feed stripers people! I ran into Lou once again so we spoke some more. Lou told me he’s staying to do it all again until he gets a fish. I wish I could join him but I’ve been gone long, and need to get back to the wife and family…Skunked!

Shaka Antoine

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