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Story date:9/16/2015 6:33:00 AM

Location:Far Rockaway NY

Species:Bass, Striped

I had the itch to fish Monday night after work so I contacted Justin to see if he had plans to scratch as well. We decided to meet in the lot by eight pm. We got suited up and Justin took lead to one of his holes he likes to fish. Justin was first to wet his line while I took a bit more time making sure I had everything I needed. I took a moment to observe the light North West wind, glass calm sea, brisk air temps in what felt like the 60’s, water temps were still a bit hot, two days after the new moon, and the tide was in its last hour of incoming. All were good conditions to fish in except the “glass calm seas” as I look at my log a glass calm sea conditions has never produced a good catch for me. Not on a boat or the surf. I know during the day a pencil or any lure that tears up the surface should get enough attention to cause a strike or annoy a fish enough to bite but this was night time. I’ve only caught on a glass calm sea with a SP Minnow. I feel like any lure with rattles should have the same effect on the hearing of a fish…tonight was no different.

Justin started out with an SP so I wanted to go with a bottle to see witch lure would get a strike first. But the glass calm results I’ve had made me stick to the SP as well given that the bottle excels in rough water conditions. I began casting into the wind a good enough distance from Justin because he was down current from me. I’m not sure how many casts I took Justin said it was two but it felt like five or six, and I’m into a fish. This fish startled me hitting the SP a rod length away. It felt like a snapper as feisty as it was…it’s a RAT. I always get a bit concerned for the fish when I catch a rat, not wanting the hooks to do too much damage. The rat wouldn’t stop twisting and turning but it seem to pose for the photo and the releasing of its hook set…back you go to get bigger see you in ten years! We both didn’t get another tap for the rest of the night. Fishing during the week is a good pass time in preparation for the trophy hunts of the weekend…no skunk tonight Catch’em up!

Shaka Antoine

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