Catch date:9/26/2015 10:46:00 PM

Story date:9/29/2015 6:17:00 PM

Location:Montauk NY


I took the trek out to Montauk over the weekend once again. This trip was driven by the conditions that have historically produced big fish. It's kind of hard to ignore an East North East wind, blowing 20 plus, and under the perfect tide for the spot I like to fish. Let's not forget about the fact that it's one day before a super moon/eclipse...should've been a blood bath.
I first had to go check on the crowds under the lighthouse to see if they were bailing fish...snappers and sub keeper bass is what I saw. But I did get word while on the way a 50lbs bass came up an hour earlier...congrats to that guy. I took note of what I saw and moved on a bit where it was less crowded...nothing! It was time to hit the tide at my intended location so I left the beautiful white water to the lighthouse hounds.
I park my truck in the spot I like to park right next to the landmark, get out and guess who is pulling up...Steve! He recognized me, and said he is a big fan of my reports (as I was airing down in the lower lot) kind of made me feel awkward tell you the truth. I'm not someone that should have "fans" was my thought...we spoke for a bit, and went our separate ways. So to see him pull up behind me Here was a shock...however behind him was Lou so it all made sense...they knew each other. Lou had a friend with him, and so did Steve so the five us spread out and began fishing.
The wind made keeping contact with any lure a challenge, and let's not talk about the amount weed, kelp, and something that had the same consistency as red wool in the water that seem to just put knots in my line when they made contact...tough conditions to catch in for sure! Two hours in and I had the overwhelming feeling that I should go to the other side where this wind should play more in our favor. But the historical bite that has taken place hear on this moon kept me planted waiting for it to turn on. Last week Steve had the same feeling hear as it turned out when he left we arrived and the bite turned on...for that reason I stayed for another two hours after a quick nap. I was due to meet my Dad in Port Jefferson in a few hours to bottom fish on the Celtic Grace so my time was limited in MTK.
My plan was to hit the lighthouse before I hit the road to sleep a few hours before bottom fishing. I get to the lighthouse and there is only two guys there but they are exactly where I wanted to fish...moved on to the empty pill box for a bit...nothing. I moved on to turtle cove...nothing I thought about Browns but my time was limited so I decided against it. I made my way back to my favorite spot and it's empty. But still nothing for me as the bait guys began setting up. Well it's time to drive to port Jeff so this trip to MTK was a Skunk for me.

Shaka Antoine

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