Catch date:10/3/2015 4:28:00 AM

Story date:10/5/2015 2:49:00 AM

Location:Far Rockaway NY


One night while fishing for Striped bass I got a hit on my bottle (Super Strike little neck swimmer) except this felt more like I picked up some weed…I’m not feeling the pulsations, and my rod has a slight bend to it. I reel my lure in and couldn’t believe my eyes. I caught a nine to twelve inch Fluke! This fish went after a lure that is just under its total length. At first I thought I snagged it but this lure floats, and the rear hooks were perfectly in his mouth (zoom in on photo) This was my first Fluke I’ve caught this season out of the two attempts I made and I caught one when I wasn’t even trying…too funny I tell ya.

Shaka Antoine

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