Catch date:10/3/2015 4:02:00 AM

Story date:10/5/2015 2:54:00 AM

Location:Far Rockaway NY

Species:Bass, Striped

This trip was a weekend trip…which means I should’ve been fishing Montauk. But once again nothing lined up for me to make the trip out east. Once again many caught decent sized fish on a week I couldn’t make it out…it’s frustrating how many times that has happened this season but hey that’s life.

I had to stay local so I decided to fish a spot that I’ve done well when it’s raining, high tide is in the same hour as the sunrise. Those two conditions didn’t line up but I went because I wanted to see how this storm would affect the change that was made to this stretch of beach. Some background about this spot is as follows. My first report of 2014 (4/28/14) those conditions I just mentioned lined up perfectly and I was able to catch my first stripers of the season on the SP. The structure that was there then was a perfect bait trap, and bass would be there feeding as well. Fast forward to my 9/22/14 report and I came upon a mass construction project underway. Long story short they flattened this beach all to add some storm protection after what Sandy did to the neighborhood. They even removed that oh so important second jetty that use to trap bait coming out of the inlet. But Like I said I went back this time to see how this storm would play on the flat beach with only one jetty.

I pulled up and got out of my truck at 1:45AM to hear the sound I heard in the 4/28/14 report…the roar of the ocean crashing onto the rocks/beach. That always puts a smile on my face because that means I’m going to have a lot of white water to fish. After I climbed the fifteen foot sand dune (thanks to the mass construction project) I was able to look out over the ocean. I saw huge waves in the seven to nine foot range hitting the jetty and beach with great force, the rain was light, tide was about two hours into the drop, air temps in the 60’s, and the water temps had to be in the 70’s because I could feel the heat rise as the waves crashed the beach when the surge rushed up the banks. It was quite odd to watch the horizon with all the boats far off shore go away then come back when the swells rose then crash the beach, to be standing on dry sand until the waves hit the beach lip, and the surge fills the sand up to my knee with water…had the feeling that fish might not be in this part of the beach. I knew the structure drastically changes to the east but I wanted to work this area first.

I began working enough distance away from the east side of the jetty because the heavy sweep would hang me up on the rocks. I got close enough to the tip of the jetty so that when the monster waves hit I would be safe out of the crashing water keeping dry, moved west a bit working the pocket, and a point that developed where the second jetty use to be…Nothing! It’s time to fish the inlet now so on I went. I stopped at a few fishable points along the way and noticed the water had significantly less weed as I got closer to the mouth. The water was a bit stained but not milky. I sent the bottle out and got a hit at the beach lip just before I was about to pull it out of the water. (Work the lures to your feet or you might not get a hit) The fish fought me in the channel that we call the lip for a bit then I landed this healthy 6lbs striper…I can’t seem to get away from the 2011 year class of fish. That really must be one of the most plentiful spawn because they are all over. I just hope we are making sure that these fish are still around in two years.
A short time later I decided to work the lower portion of the water column with a bucktail and lunker city combo because I’m out of rinds. The 2oz. seem to do the trick at swimming. I got one sharp tap without a hook up. When I got it back my sluggo was in bad shape…Bluefish seem to always know where the hooks are because like most it bit just behind the hook. I sent the bucktail back without a trailer due to the small bait in the water for no more taps. I wasn’t mad that I had no more hits because “nature” was SCREEMING my name. I’m thankful for one out of seven requirements for the Gateway 4x4 permit is to have a portable toilet. I quickly walked back to my truck trying my best not to think about the water. After I was done losing a few pounds I did the whole trip again now that it was daylight…nothing more so I packed it in early. I had planned to fish another spot west but I was shot, and wishing I was in Montauk…Catch’em up!

Shaka Antoine

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