Catch date:11/7/2015 6:38:00 AM

Story date:11/9/2015 11:57:00 AM

Location:Babylon NY


I haven't caught a "Bluefish" since July 17th. Friday at 7am I got word of an all out bass and Bluefish blitz in one of the spots I've caught some nice sized blues. I even tied a record (11lbs bluefish) the same day once. My first thought was to call out of work because I have the time to use. But then I was reminded that I just got home at 3am, and my wife was working from home that day...I'll see if they're still there at 2:30am Saturday. The fish seem to stay in that spot a long time when they are there any way so I thought I could still get in on the action...nope!

Throughout the day many videos were posted, and I had some friends that were on the beach catching while I worked so this was legit Intel. John caught ten big blues, and three bass in the 30" range...fall fishing at its best and I'm not on the beach. I arrived Saturday fished from 2:30 to 3am, took a nap until 5:30am. I got up feeling fresh as Joe was arriving with my coffee. We fished up and down the beach until 10 for not even a tap. I didn't see anyone else's rod bent so I didn't feel too bad.

This was a hard bite to miss out on. Guys were catching large blues. One guy has a pending state record catch at 25 1/4lbs. The action seemed to continue in the west but I didn't know it came west until I was done fishing for the day. I also learned that by the time the fish got into my backyard they were off shore out of range. This blitz just wasn't for me to be a part of...Skunked!

Shaka Antoine

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