Catch date:11/13/2015 2:12:00 AM

Story date:11/16/2015 10:19:00 AM

Location:Sheepshead Bay NY


I took advantage of the Holiday weekend we just had last Wednesday to get on a boat that I know can find the Bluefish. I haven't caught one in the surf for too many months so I opted for the next best thing. The Brooklyn VI out of sheepshead bay was perfect to get the job done. The weather forecast was a huge threat to the days fishing. Gale force winds out of the West, and ten foot seas will keep most boats at the doc for the sure kept my buddy Justin home. The waves where just that at the beach but once out in the ocean it was quite the opposite until we went South West into NJ waters...that's when it got nuts!

We saw some good action as soon as we came close to the jetty I just love fishing from the tip. There was a huge school of Bunker just out of casting distance for the many anglers on the jetty. That bait had fish on them. I caught the first bluefish at 12lbs, while  few schoolie bass we're also caught, but one just keeper was also caught...I had the pool fish at that point. The captain had enough of the small fish so we moved on.

The entire boat began to pick away at bluefish at just about all the spots we went. Eventually the capt decided to go to NJ and that's when the fishing got intense. Fishing in rough seas don't bother me. It was a bit hard to get my jig down due to the extreme speed of the drift, and the 100 to 120 feet deep water...the fish were stacked on the bottom. The captain anchored up and we were able to catch as much as we could. I only caught three cookie cutter fish. These fish were all fat and full of bunker. The smallest fish I caught was 10lbs and that fish spit up a whole bunker as I got him to the surface. One of the fish I cleaned had two bunker in its gut I love that boat.

I want to get back on the Brooklyn VI real soon. I have two personal days left that I must use or loose so I'll see them reel soon. I am a bit torn between getting back on that boat, and hitting the surf. I just got some good intel that the bite has turned over to a day time bite seems like that happens ever fall. I don't get too many daytime trips in due to my "schedule" but I might have to use one of those days for the surf. The Brooklyn VI just reported a full boat limit with some Bluefish mixed in...that's usually the other way around. To make matters worse. Justin was fishing Sunday while I was at church and had a day he only thought legions had. Justin mentioned he had keepers on every cast from 11am to 3pm when he had to leave. I guess after a hard West blow the fish tend to put the feed bag on in the fall. Let's see what happens this week...catch'em up!

Shaka Antoine

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