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Story date:11/25/2015 1:49:00 PM

Location:Long Island NY

Species:Bass, Striped

This weekend's fishing was a bit frustrating for me. I was finally able to make it out to a spot that has been producing well on a consistent basis on the outgoing tides. My hope was the bite would stay like that until I could make it out...that never happens. Joe, Bryan, and I fished for 2 hours with no hits. I continued on after they left into sunrise. In my gut I felt like I should go over to the other side of the inlet but I was hoping daylight would turn the bite on here. I decided to head east a bit to check on a few spots that have produced good on this North wind were having.

Just before leaving I saw large slashed just out of casting range for as far into the sea as I could see...I was told its shad smashing spearing. Some said Albacore but we will never know. That action was spread out from the point to the 4x4 path. After no success at the many spots I checked I decided to check the other side of the inlet just for kicks before I head home. Nothing going on but I spoke with a guy that told me folks were catching well in the blitz that took place at 8:50 AM and that's just when he got there. He said he wasn't sure how long before that was happening before he arrived.

The bunker came out of the bay with the outgoing tide and it was on! I looked around and saw a guy taking a photo with a nice striper, and the guy that told me about the blitz said he caught 12lbs bluefish in the mix...wrong place right time. I decided to check one more spot and caught a very fat rat that might not have made it because he took my bottle's 4/0 VMC treble very deep. I removed the hook, and watched it swim away so hopefully it lived. Fish are still to be had as long as our water temperatures stay as high as they have been. I'll be fishing for stripers until 12/15/15, and then finish the year on sea bass/Cod...Catch'em up!

Shaka Antoine

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