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Story date:4/25/2016 3:50:00 PM

Location:Far Rockaway NY


I got some firsthand Intel about a Striper massacre that occurred the night before at a spot I often fish when my plans change and I just want to wet a line. It usually is a bait fisherman’s only spot, however I normally catch snappers on the SP Minnow when they are around. I was shocked to hear two guys had seven monster breeders laid out on the beach…and you know they didn’t put them back. Other members of that same school of fish were caught by a few guys know. Those fish were crashing bunker on the surface but they were not hitting lures. Snag and drop, and chunks landed those fish that were entered into the tournament. I showed up to the spot the next day hoping to capitalize on the previous day’s action…What a difference a day can make. I didn’t catch, and nor did Steve. The bunker was there thick for sure. They would go away, and come in waves. Steve and I were able to snag all the bunker we needed. We live lined, snag and dropped, and set chunks on the bottom for hours. We even had help from a boat that was also hunting for stripers in the night. The Captain was nice enough to let us know where the fish were stacked up so close to shore…I learned the next morning that a whale was sighted in the same bay crashing bunker. That explains why the fish were so close to shore, and not feeding even though they bay was busting with bunker…This bunker I snagged will be fresh bait for my next trip especially because I know how to keep them in good condition.

Most people preserve/store bunker all wrong in my opinion. If you put bunker on top of ice they will lose the slime that attracts game fish. If you need to freeze it then the best way to do that is put one to three of them in a zip lock/plastic bag, and then put that on ice or in the freezer. I also like to put my bait in the refrigerator in a few bags if I know I will be using it the next day or two. If it’s kept that way it will be nice and cold without the slime killing ice. I find myself snagging bunker on each trip for my next trip out…can’t beat fresh over bait shop bought bunker…Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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