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Story date:5/3/2016 3:58:00 PM

Location:Brooklyn NY

Species:Bass, Striped

I just love the “process” of catching fish, and preparing it for a nice fish meal. In some cultures it’s a tradition for an entire family to take a part in the preparation of the day’s catch to some capacity. This tradition is not known in my culture however my youngest daughter want’s to help me clean a fish when I bring them home. The encouragement Savannah gives me at her young 3 years old confirms the Antoine’s fishing blood in her vines. Savannah even asked me to take her fishing…it’s on the to do list for this summer when the snappers begin to show. She is strong, and the test will come when she has one hooked.

Fishing for me is not just about catching. As many may or may not know by now it’s three fold. I love to fish, take photos while I fish, and write about my fishing experiences. But I have to add a fourth addiction to the list. I am pretty anal about “cleaning my own fish”. Even if I get on a party boat I prefer to do it myself. I feel like if it’s not done with the care I put into the process it just will not be right. I also must know what’s in the gut of my catch so that I know what they have been eating. That alone can tell a story. The fish in this photo had several digested fish, one partially digested fish in its gut, and both ovaries were void of eggs. All of that info told me this fish may have spent the winter where I caught it, and it either didn’t or have already spawned this season judging by the lack of sea lice…This fish was split between three families. The head went to a friend that gets all the head of the fish I take home to make fish head soup, I kept one side for my house, and the other side was split between two of my friends that also enjoy the thick flesh of striped bass so nothing is wasted. What’s not to love about fishing…Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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