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Story date:5/5/2016 4:24:00 PM

Location:Brooklyn NY

Species:Bass, Striped

!!I’m sticking with the same game plan for the spring using bait until the water temps get high enough for them to start hitting lures, or until the fish can no longer be found. The spot/bite Avi and I located has slowed down as per the network. I chalk that up to the arrival of big Blue fish. It seems like the bait, and bass have moved out. The network spread out to see if we can location the main body. Once the mother lode was found we each took a shift when available. When my turn came I was able to cash in with a respectable fish by my standards at 14lbs, 32”, and an 18” girth bass on a chunk once again after lures were ignored.


I arrived to the spot much later than planned because I had some family business that just had to push my fishing plans further back into the night…I didn’t mind because the Intel that came in mentioned they’re staying put, and have no reason to move for a while. This gave me a confidence that allowed me to focus on my family business without rushing my wife. As I pulled up I saw two vehicles that did not look like “locals” I’m used to. I called Steve to find out where he was because of the unexpected company. Steve was done with his shift after not catching. I noted he was a bit off the mark, and told him where he should’ve been but he said he’s done for the night. I drove suited up so I was ready, and on my way. I located the bait Steve left me and saw the two sharpies right where I was intending to fish for the night…not too much room for what I had in mind so I stopped to cast lures around all the bait that was busting here and there. When I had enough of nothing I said screw it I’m squeezing my way to where I want to fish!


Just as I made that move they decided to leave…I’ve read about that kind of behavior before. To protect the integrity of a “good spot” some anglers will move just so that you don’t see them catch on the hot spot…But my Intel was solid! I already knew the spot they were fishing is where you want to be. As they were passing me all I said was “Sup” the blank stares at me, accompanied by silence to my greeting, and their trucks all told me they were Eastern Long islanders but one of them likes to enjoy my home waters of the Western South Shore (judging by one of his permits) which explains why they might be here. Fishing Montauk taught me that kind of thing is normal. In the West we speak when spoken to but it’s cool.


Now that I am on the mark I got into business mode. I set up my work horse (12’ Carnage II/7500 Long Cast) rod with some of Steve’s bait…nothing for 26 minutes. I noticed one of the bunker that was in so close beached itself so I used him for a much fresher bait, and had a fish landed five to ten minutes after. I didn’t even hear the drag but I did hear a splash before noticing my rod jumping…It looked like bunker caught in my line so I walked over to the rod. Line was tight without weight so I thought nothing of it. I decided to reel in some line a bit to create a sent trail then my drag sang a song I love to hear. The fish was fighting really odd but I could tell I still had him with me. When I got him in it was clear why that strange fight…its gut hooked deep! It took me 20 minutes to get the hook out…harvested fish this is. It’s a nice catch no matter what way you look at it, and I’m still satisfied. Nice way to end the night I’d say…Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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