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Story date:5/16/2016 11:59:00 AM

Location:Brooklyn NY

Species:Bass, Striped

"Secret Spots"
I find it too funny when a friend tells me about his secret spot only to find out so many others know about it, and they call the same spot their secret spot. If a spot is a secret then only one person should know about it right? I'm all for trying to prevent a spot from getting over fished, or making sure of when you want to spend a tide at one of your favorite spots it's not covered with three or four guys when there is only room for one or two at the most...the truth is no public land is a "secret" A fishing spot on privet property is, and should be kept between a few but in this day and age with the technology available to us it will not be long before someone you never told finds the structure you like to have to yourself.

I have friends that I fish with on a regular that I can't tell where I catch some of my fish because the person that told me about the spot told me not to tell anyone. If I'm told that I will not say a word but it puts me in a pickle with members of my inner circle. I know if I joined a fishing club some of the folks I get my intel from will not share the good bite with me because that info could be compromised. I know one guy that can't share some info with me because it was club info...on the flip side I know a guy that said even in the club some members try to keep a bite from the other club members. That's just nuts to me.

It's always good to have a network of friends you can trust to give you good info, who can fish when you can not, doing better at catching fish then you are, and if you fish together you can try different lures/techniques at the same time to figure out what's working. Share that info with who is really trying/putting there time in. sorry for the rant...Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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