Catch date:6/7/2016 7:04:00 PM

Story date:6/14/2016 3:41:00 PM

Location:Brooklyn NY


The morning session was done with. I already caught one Bluefish, and dropped two others but I wasn't done yet. I came back with Avi and his friend Yahzy to see if I can land some more on poppers. The Blues seem to only want Super Strike Polaris poppers in white or orange...I only had yellow. I couldn't get one to hit mine in the first area we started in. when the bite seemed to die off we moved thinking we were going to another spot a few miles away when we saw huge splashes with many birds working over them about a mile off shore. I said I think we should get as close as we can to blind cast because you never know if the bait and fish could be running back and forth from the action were seeing...yup! They sure was. Avi was first to cast, and hook up.

I still couldn't get a fish to commit even though one practically jumped at me once when I went to pull the lure out of the water to make another cast...Avi got a kick out of my reaction. my frustration lead me to go back to my old faithful bluefish lure...the tension lure! My first cast with it and I hooked up to this fish. I usually reach for it when I see folks catching Bluefish on poppers because I tend to catch them faster with that lure then a poper. The action came much closer now Avi caught an 11lbs gator (bluefish over 10lbs) while the rest of us were still catching cocktails...he's having a great season thus far. We all had no more hits for a bit, so we once again pondered a move...and then the guys next to us were still hooking up!...

Shaka Antoine

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