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Story date:6/22/2016 3:56:00 PM

Location:Montauk NY

Species:Bass, Striped

This was my first trip out to Montauk this season...much later than I would normally fish the end but the Canal was calling my name louder. I didn't have the kind of time I normally would have to fish MTK so Joe and I planned to just fish a tide, and move on if nothing was going on. I had many delays to push through to try and catch the last two hours of daylight to cash in on the Bluefish bite that was taking place on the bar. I had endless traffic in what felt like every town from Brooklyn to the last mile on Montauk hwy. There was a bad accident not even a mile from the lighthouse, and the police told me "the road is closed come back in 30 minutes" So much for that!

I did a pit stop at 711, then headed back to see if the road was open...yes! by the time I arrived to where Joe was the site was what I wanted to see. His rod was bent as he was landing a bluefish...I had to take a photo. Joe was hooking up often on white papers while I couldn't get a fish to take any of my white papers or the tension lure...I've been dealing with this for a bit now. My friends hooking up on the same lures I'm using but no takers for me.

When Joe had enough, and the time to make the tide came we left. I parked myself on one of my bookmarks casting lures I've caught stripers with before (SP Minnow, and Darter) while Joe combed the shore line. Joe continued to catch snappers/cocktails...nothing for me. Joe decided to come over to talk with me. While he was talking a bass hit my yellow over white SS Darter hard about a rods length from me...finally got to hear the VS drag! The 8lbs bass faught hard for its size. I tried to take a better photo but he was not into my photo shoot idea. Each time I flipped him to take the photo he would right himself...ok fine with me your going back anyhow. I was the only one to hook into a bass out of all the folks I know that also went to MTK that entire weekend according to Joe...should that make me feel better about a one fish MTK trip? I guess I'll have to keep coming back to see how I feel...Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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